Oppose gun control

Dear Editor,

Are you ready for another letter opposing gun control? Anyway, here it comes. My younger brother “Don” would have been 90 years of age January 2016. He was shot off his horse, the day after Thanksgiving of 1968.

Don was helping a neighbor move his herd of cattle through the town of Walla Walla,

Wash. Don was one of the out ridders moving up with the herd to keep the cattle-away from private property along the railroad track. The shooter was out waving a rifle around and yelling. Suddenly he fired one shot at Don, hitting him at the base of his neck causing Don to fall from his horse. The shooter then prevented anyone to come to Don’s aid. Don died shortly after wards.

The shooter was found to be mentally unstable and was sent to a mental facility. After a few years, the shooter was discharged from the mental facility. I beleive the mental instability of the shooter was the cause of the shooters action. The gun did not fire by itself, the trigger had to be pulled.

Now a few more thoughts for readers to ponder:

  1. General George Washington, (one”of the founders of our country) stated; “when any nation does not trust its citizens with guns, that nation is sending a clear message that it does not trust its citizens because such a government has evil plans. From www.nationalgunrights.org/georgewashington.
  2. The average 911 response time is ii minutes. This from Judge Jeanine Piro Fox News Weekend Dec. 5, 2015. Now I ask you, “how many times can a shooter pull the gun trigger in 11 minutes while in a gun free zone?”
  3. The country having gun control no longer has true citizens but now has subjects of the king or dictator of that country.
  4. The first publicity by media and wannabe dictators after a gun attack in a Gun Free Zone is; Gun Control is Needed.
  5. Paris France is, and has been a gun control area for several years – look at what has happened in Paris over the year of 2015. Three attacks that I can remember this year are Charlie Hebdo newspaper Jan. 7, 2015 – 12 peoples dead; Aug. 22 high speed train attack, the shooter was subdued by other passengers, and then the November Paris massacre 128 dead.
  6. Larry Pratt, Executive Director, Gun Owners of America stated “ever since the Colombine shootings the problem of mass murder in this country is really the Gun Free Zones, so perhaps the answer is the promotion of Guns Are Available Here Zones.”


Hugh Maycumber