'Obamacare' not in constitution

Dear Editor,

After reading Rob Thompson’s letter entitled “Hasting doesn’t have to care,” there are a few questions that need to be asked. First, is it Doc Hastings or any other elected official’s business whether or not someone has Health Insurance? Is that one of the defined duties of the federal government? I’m sure that “promoting the general welfare” as it is termed in the Preamble to the Constitution had nothing to do with the Affordable Health Care Act; if it did the founding fathers would have outlined that in the Constitution. Another question would be, because it is affectionately termed Obamacare are we to assume that he cares, are we to think that he and his family will be standing in line with rest of us waiting for treatment at some hospital or clinic? Are we to think that by fining people who don’t have health insurance, he is showing concern for their health care needs? Are we to think that by hiring 16,000 new IRS agents to make sure this plan is implemented in all its arbitrary ambiguity; he cares? Why have companies like American Airlines figured that the AHCA will cost them an extra 100 million next year? Is this money supposed to appear in the form of change found in the seat cushions of the airplanes that fell from passengers pockets? Why are unions, some cities, and other entities being allowed to opt out of this wonderful plan?

The higher cost of health care can be traced back to the fact of government inserting itself in the industry by trying to fix a problem that wasn’t theirs to fix. I support Doc’s vote to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act. I think he knows that as government gets involved in the lives of people in the area of health, the illusion of “affordability” and “care” will begin to smell a lot like the socialist sewage the nation embraced in the campaign slogan “Hope and Change”.

Now that we are beginning to see the effects of the AHCA…, insurance companies dropping costumers, treatment and prescriptions being denied, and costs going up, I’m sure we can all see the caring concern on Barak Obama’s face, as he heads to another course somewhere for his 103rd round of golf, or flies off on his 18th multimillion dollar vacation to some paradise destination. It has got to be hard work spending other people’s money.

“Duped, Doped and Controlled” may become the subtle motto for the Affordable Health Care Act as Americans look back on this “Plan” after it finally takes effect. The AHCA is yet another form of “legal plunder” that the federal government has graciously bestowed on this nation.

Steve Lorz