Obamacare not good for country

Dear Editor,

After reading the article, ACA offers new opportunities by Patty Murray, I am disappointed. The new health insurance program is not good for the country, it will put us further in debt. The best deal I can find through Washington Healthplanfinder will cost me $217 more a month than I currently pay, $369 up to $586. My wife’s cost stays about the same, except her deductible goes up to over $6,000., this is not good.

I would hardly call this” important cost savings.” I do not mind paying for my wife and myself, but I do not want to pay for others, it is not right. I encourage everyone to look carefully at the ACA, or in my case, the unaffordable care act, contact your representatives, and ask them to repeal Obamacare. It is not right for the government to require/force individuals to buy insurance or fine them if they don’t. This is government control at its best. What happened to the land of the free?

Michael Sterling