NOAA could take the lead on Enloe Dam

Dear Editor,

Enloe Dam has been out of the news since the “No on Enloe” Campaign put its collective foot down last February. It was clearly demonstrated, using PUD estimates, Enloe Dam Electrification would lose $1.2-1.7 million dollars annually. The $40-50 million dollar construction price tag will require continuous rate increases no one can afford and creates a downward spiral of debt that could bankrupt more than just the PUD.

The ratepayers of Okanogan County have voted twice on this issue, turning out two incumbent PUD Commissioners who campaigned for electrification. Recognizing the net economic loses that would result from electrification of Enloe Dam, our current commissioners told ratepayers they needed a “large federal agency with deep pockets” to assume all liability for Enloe Dam before they could walk away.

Last Tuesday, June 30th,the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and National Marine Fisheries Service met with Commissioner Vejraska, Manager John Grubich and other staff, to discuss their interest in becoming the lead agency for the removal of Enloe Dam. This is great news. We may have the lead agency we have been waiting for. This meeting with N.O.A.A. will probably be discussed at the next PUD meeting, Monday, July 13th at 2:30pm. Interested Ratepayers and local residents should contact their commissioners and plan to attend Monday’s meeting. We need to help the PUD make the right decisions going forward.

Joseph Enzensperger