Merino wool at the landfill?


Dear Editor

I would like to contact the man who was about to dump the good part merino wool at the landfill….That was too good a wool to dump. We have an upcoming outlet for the small farm sheep grower to get a reimbursement out of their good wool.

There is a potential for a wool mill here in our valley. It is the north american wool co-op (N.A.W.C.) with a group of local people working hard to get it up and running within the next couple years. We are already taking names of people who have or will have wool to go. The hope is for each wool producer to get the returns for his own wool back. Also, price of wool on the open market is quite a bit higher than it used to be. This organization hopes to bring the market back for the local small farmer.

Contacts are: Vicki Eberhart 509-485 3232, Sally Facer 509-485 3262 or, of course, yours truly, The Spinning Wheel Lady, Betty Roberts 509-476-3571.

Betty Roberts