Looking for effective leadership

Dear Editor,

Represent Okanogan County (ROC) first met as a group on June 28, 2015, to discuss the need for effective County leadership and thoughtful, well-informed decisions for the future. ROC does not represent any political party and remains committed to the election of strong leaders who will truly represent the people in November, 2016.

Our mission is to identify, encourage and elect qualified individuals to run as candidates for Okanogan County commissioner. We seek those who are dedicated to transparent and responsive government.

Issues such as the increase in wildfires, drought and limited water supply, economic uncertainty, and scientific research call for leaders who are well-informed, committed to the welfare of the county’s citizens and are willing to include the public in a meaningful way.

Recently, our county government has spent large amounts of time criticizing state and federal governments, engaging in expensive lawsuits, making illegal decisions they were later forced to reconsider, thwarting public participation, and denying scientific information. We believe our county can do better.

We hope you will join us by visiting our Web site at www.rocon2016.org where you will find issue critiques we see as important for our government officials to address, as well as articles and Letters to the Editor. We can be contacted on our Web site or via our email address rocon2016@gmail.com, or by filling out our surveys “How Can We Contact You” and “How You Can Help” on Web site.

Gay Northrop