Letters to the Editor, November 24, 2016

SPLC an anti-hate group

Dear Editor,

I’d like to correct a pretty bad mistake made by Rosa Snider. She claimed that the Southern Poverty Law Center is “one of the most prejudice and radical hate groups in the nation.” This could not be further from the truth.

The SPLC is actually an anti-hate group. All she had to do was look this up on Wikipedia to find this out. They have worked for justice in civil liberties for a very long time. They actually track hate crimes and their lawyers support the ‘little people’ who cannot afford lawyers who are fighting for their rights. SPLC was formed in 1971 during the civil rights era of the South. In fact the lawyers who’ve represented poor black citizens of the South have themselves been targeted and harassed by these same hate groups.

Rosa, your whole letter is now suspect, if you didn’t do your homework on such an easy thing to find out about, what else is wrong with your letter?

Melanie Thornton



Two Wolves, One Sheep

Dear Editor,

Because of our woeful and intentional lack of knowledge on civics and the American political system taught in our public schools and outrageously expensive “schools of higher learning,” I need to address the monster that has reared its ugly head again. That since Hillary won the popular vote, we need to negate the Electoral College vote again, since obviously, “the people have spoken.”

First, the hypocrisy of the left on this proves itself every time a majority vote by the people is taken to a judge, a mere public servant, to negate because it is allegedly unconstitutional. Second, we are a Representative Republic, not a pure democracy, or more correctly, Mobocracy, the classic example two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner.

The reason the Electoral College was devised was the same reason all states have Representatives based on population, but all states get only two Senators, so bigger, more populated states can’t bowl over the smaller, less populated ones. Equal representation. So the calls of “not my President” by the “gentle college snowflakes” and paid protesters, (Even the media admitting they are being bussed in), are sad and pathetic. So much for the farce of a peaceful transition! Yet we were supposed to be terrified of what would happen if Trump lost.

Additionally, any changes to the Constitution require an amendment to the Constitution, period! This requires a 3/4 majority of the Congress and the states, an ingenious process that prevents frivolous changes.

To further explain the Electoral College, Tara Ross, an expert will help you; https://www.prageru.com/.

David Wolosik