Letters to the Editor, June 21, 2012

Getting facts straight

Dear Editor,
I am writing this letter because I am outraged at the huge write up in last week’s paper from the editor himself. Accusing Mrs. Combs-Boge of submitting “unsubstantiated claims of enrollment dropping.” Now, if you want to talk about slander, accusing someone in a public manner of something that is not true fits that definition.
I read all the letters to the editor every week and Mrs. Combs-Boge did not say enrollment is down. As a matter of fact, the letter in May 17th’s paper titled “Victims of ‘chickening out'” written by Rosa McCoy referred to someone as “a select few with some serious ethical and moral issues.” That was not Mrs. Combs-Boge.
The letter of May 31 titled “Never ending drama” written by Simone Brinson, I will quote what she wrote: “If you would just go onto the State Superintendent’s website and see enrollment numbers over the years, especially since Quick got hired, you will get an eye opener, these numbers don’t lie folks.”
Not once did Mrs. Combs-Boge say anything, like she was being accused of. If you are going to accuse someone of something you better get your facts straight, just like the editor himself said. So, with that said, gets a hold of that paper with that letter to her in it and takes it to the fullest extent to get her name cleared of these absurd accusations.
Tiffany Snider
Editor’s Response: First of all you need to re-read what I wrote last week. No where does it say that Mrs. Combs-Boge said enrollment was down. You may have made that assumption, but that’s not what it says. Go ask Combs-Boge because we have discussed the editorial via email and in the end she apologized. Second, no one seems to know what slander is, yet they bandy the word about like it is some sort of magic club that will frighten newspaper writers into not voicing their opinions. By the way, when it’s written, and the word is used in the proper case, it’s libel, not slander. In either case no one, on either side of this issue, has been libeled although people on both sides are accusing the newspaper of printing “slander.” Our school board members and our superintendent are public figures and to prove a case of slander (libel) against a public figure takes a lot more than what has been written on this page and Mrs. Combs-Boge was not slandered in the least. Enrollment numbers are up over the last two years, those numbers don’t lie. Are they down compared to when I went to school in Oroville? Yes, but that started happening years before Mr. Quick was employed in the district and has a lot more to do with economic changes, including things like welfare reform and the need to relocate to find work. And third, huge write up? Really? We have allowed Combs-Boge over 2000 words to get her point across in multiple letters. My little editorial was small by comparison. I think you need to heed your own advise when you speak about getting your facts straight. G.A.D.

IIP already co-opted Democrats

Dear Editor,
In response to John Connot’s suggestion that I run with Donald Trump for the Invincible Ignorance Party. Does it seem possible that John has missed the fact that this party has co-opted the Democrat party and is now in charge of the nation?
Besides I would not add anything to the ticket running with Trump, I don’t have good hair, money or influence and besides I can’t even figure out what the comment about the Sun and Hydrogen have to do with what I wrote in my letter the week before, so I’m way behind the curve as a possible candidate for Vice President.
But I do wonder if I would be able to play golf and basketball, eat 100 dollar a pound steak, fly on Air Force Two, vacation around the world as often as I wish, force laws on the nation that they don’t want, sue states for trying to enforce federal law, have a televised “Beer Summit” with an arrogant professor and a policeman that I’ve offended, bow to third-world dictators, shut down air traffic over major cities for a date night, put art in the White House that has nothing to do with our nation’s founding, attack a seating governor of a state that is trying to correct the problem that has buried that state in debt through socialist ideals, all this at taxpayer expense, and then despise, ignore, and defy the Constitution that I swore to defend against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.
The policies and philosophy of the Invincible Ignorance party seem to be in capable hands right now and improving on this elite ineptness would be difficult, maybe with another four years of this legendary leadership we can become like the other dictatorships of the world. But, I would like to try about 20 dollars worth of that steak…, cooked medium please.
Steve Lorz

Time to stop the avalanche

Dear Editor,
As we approach a critical time in our nation with an upcoming election, there are a few thoughts I’d like to share. You see, I believe we have, to a degree, somewhat of a democracy but that certainly wasn’t the intentions of our Founding Fathers. In fact, to begin with, let’s recall our Pledge of Allegiance which begins “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands.”
However, not everyone understands the difference between a democracy and a republic. We have become accustomed to think that that which we have is what the Founders believed we ought to have. But, in reality, the Founders believed that the Biblical values they held must be the foundation for a new and biblically constructed Constitution and the resulting way of life. In fact, “without the moral law of the Bible and without a Christian worldview, there is no foundation for America’s constitutional republic.”
In reality, the Declaration lays the foundation for the framing of the Constitution. In short, it is safe to say that the Declaration says “why” and the Constitution says “how.” In fact, Rufus King, reflecting the expressed intent of the Founding Fathers, wrote in February of 1820 “That the law established by the Creator, extends over the whole globe, is everywhere and at all times binding upon mankind. This is the law of God by which he makes his way known to man and is paramount to all human control.” The writings of Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton and others lay the foundation for what King summarizes.
There are those today, who would deny that truth upon which our country was built. However, I point out that verbal denial does not cancel the fact of existence. By example, if it is raining I could deny that it is. However, once I leave the sanctity of the house, my denial of the rain does not keep my dry.
David Barton write “The Founders understood that Biblical values formed the basis of the republic and that the republic would be destroyed if the people’s knowledge of those values should ever be lost.” Though many might disagree with what Barton writes, disagreement doesn’t change the integrity of the statement anymore than my denial of the rain would keep my dry.
I believe God has given us, as a nation, the opportunity to stop the avalanche; but, this will occur only if we also heed the old saying that the only reason a wrong exists is because those who believe in the right, keep silent. During the next few months, leading up to an election, if your remain silent then you have, by your silence, only endorsed what a majority of voters have decreed.
The Old Coffee Drinker,
Randy Middleton

You can’t serve two masters

Dear Editor,
Today I’m writing because on Father’s
Day one year ago my Dad, Jerry Rounds, gave me advice that I will never forget.
We were out by the horse pen. I was leaving for Montana, knowing in my heart that this would be the last day I’d see him in awhile. He told me, Sabrina, you can’t serve two masters. It’s either one but not both. you see he knew that I was too ashamed to tell him out loud. Our fathers know what are don’t always say. I have a wise dad!
Anyway, that day I remember so well because it was not only Father’s Day but my mom, Evelyn’s birthday, June 19 as well. She passed on at the age of 40 due to a drowning accident, alcohol was involved.
Needless to say this day last Father’s Day was the last day I took a drink or drug. That day I was on my way to Montana to face my fate for the next 15 months of a 5 year sentence. I was ready to go. I had seen the truth and Jesus was with me. I needed time to overcome the disease that I was bound by. I knew I had to jump off the fence and serve one Master…Jesus Christ.
Matthew 6:24: “No one can serve two Masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and mammon.”
Now community, the reason I’m sharing this with you is because what my Dad gave me was a gift of wisdom given to him by his Dad, Ed Rounds.
We chase after worldly treasures and in the end find that nothing compares to the gift our father in heaven offers us. Hope of salvation! I want you all to embrace your freedom today. I love my Dad for all his advice he’s given me and I’m glad that I was listening when I was. My gift to my Dad and myself as well as many others was to choose life over death. And community meth and alcohol is death just as bitterness and vain conceit is death. Look around and see the beauty of life. Don’t worry but trust in God. He’ll take care of everything. He’s taken care of my Dad, me and my family. Choose life a gift our father in heaven offers.
I hope your Father’s Day was wonderful!
God Bless,
Sabrina Rounds
Missoula, Mont.