Letters to the Editor, April 19, 2012

Aesthetics great, yet insignificant

Dear Gary,
If $10,000 is “toilet paper” how big is the budget? While the (Oroville) school is getting a new reader board for $32,000, which is by no means “toilet paper.” I am curious about the politics that are being discussed.
Some board members believe that they should have been informed that the school was going to be paying $10,000 toward it before it was purchased and other board members are saying “the superintendent is not supposed to be micromanaged.” I would like to believe that there is some accountability for what, where and when the money is spent. I would tend to believe that is the role of a board!
However that is not my issue. While a new coat of paint looks nice, a neat digital reader board is awesome and a cool TV in the entry way of the elementary school is fine and dandy, but what about the kids? Seriously, it would be nice if I was sure that the heaters were fixed at the elementary school so the kids in the north wing (preschool and first grade) don’t have to spend another winter wearing their jackets during class or if the playground equipment that should have been torn down 10 years ago was already being replaced. That is my issue! What is it that we are teaching our kids here in Oroville, that the outside is more important than the inside? Aesthetics are great and yet insignificant, but our children are precious and irreplaceable.
Christina Shaw

Not your father’s Republican Party

Dear Editor,
Why are they messing with voter rights? Because the GOP is very nervous about the coming election. They know they have a slim chance of winning the White House, so they plan on stealing it by keeping Democratic voters from being able to vote. And if that fails, they can take the election to the Supreme Court and steal it as they did in 2000.
And in Rep. McMorris Rodgers rambling nonsense two weeks ago she was obviously hoping people are to stupid to know the truth. Some of her constituents might have bought it, but no one else. She receives the best health care possible, so what right does she have to blame the media and Democrats for the problem? None!
Texas Gov. Rick Perry stopped funding for Planned Parenthood in his state, effectively putting a few hundred thousand women at risk in Texas. It must be rewarding for the rich and powerful to sit atop their pedestals and look down on people say, “they’re just ants, squish ’em, fry ’em, poison them, they have no rights.”
And Margo Thompson. Addicted to pot? Only a weak-minded person could convince themselves of that. Do you have a brother in the task force, or is a jailer, or prosecutor, or builds prisons? They might lost their high salary “jobs” of putting harmless people always?
Smoke a joint, and when you get the munchies, try a little milk and sugar and cinnamon on your “rice”. Pot is less harmful than aspirin. There are too many hypocritical closet smokers who don’t have the guts to admit they are pot users. Millions of them. If we all stood up it could be legal in no time. Or should be.
We have arrived at a point in this country where partnership, tolerance, fairness and individual rights must take sway over the old system. It’s a different world and we must adjust to continue. The far-right agenda is for a small faction of America and has to be stymied. The current Republican Party has no resemblance to your father’s Republican Party. That’s why they are self-destructing. Here’s a good example. If a person thinks George Zimmerman was right and acted as such, you are completely biased. One sided with no balance. Democracy has no place in your mind. Throw yourself a “tea party”!
Dan Dixon

One step at a time

Dear Editor,
Hello. I’m writing today because I received a letter from a dear sister in Christ. She spoke about how we all have a purpose and God has a plan for us all. She spoke about the simple things and how we all want a lot and how it comes down to just wanting a home and a companion. How we want our children to be saved as well as family and friends. She went on to tell me how she felt along a lot of the time and her feelings about what’s important to her. She wants to help the hurting and lonely. I figure in her pain she sees others pain and loneliness.
Now my Grandpa Ed had a heart for others and taught me that home is where the heart is. Sure it’s nice to have nice stuff but when it all comes down to it, stuff is stuff! Our hearts are living and breathing our home is within. We should be careful to whom we invite into our home. I had bitterness and fear living there for years. Now I have the Holy Spirit and you never know true peace until you invite him in. Now, I’m only speaking of what I know to be true. Take it or leave it. I pray for everyone now even my enemies, which really I don’t got to many of them. I have found love and compassion for everyone. I’m not lonely anymore. I know I always have a comforter. It took losing my life to find it. Nobody can take what I have now.
My purpose is clear and simple. Love, help others, teach and write.
Community one doesn’t know if you don’t teach ’em. The best way to teach is lead by example. Reach out forgive, pray and don’t gossip! Our mouth is a weapon sharper than a two edged sword. Practice being non-judgmental.
If you’re looking for your purpose start with what’s simple. Do unto others as you’d want them to do to you. Read Matthew 25. Seeds grow into huge trees and bears fruit. Plant little seeds and watch ’em grow. I’ve been to prison. I’ve seen pain and emptiness. I found freedom in prison. I don’t need fancy stuff. What I have now you can’t buy. It’s already been bought on the cross. I love all. I just do! And I love the lost even more so because they need to know there’s a way. They are starving for love! Those hooked on meth or drinking to forget, my heart cries out for them. I know their pain, I had that pain. Those with depression, I know their helplessness. There’s a way. We don’t have to give up all our possessions, we just need to be willing to give them up at all cost. There’s freedom in finding your home within your heart. It’s eternal. God knows our hearts. Let him direct your path. Don’t wait for the miracle be a part of it.
My Grandpa Ed’s purpose was about the impact made. An Ozark hillbilly with a fourth grade education made a great impact in my life. He rode my bike at the age of 79, fell off/wrecked and he got right back on it. He taught me so much! Think on the impact that you are making! Good or bad your making one. Don’t seek religion, seek truth. You’ll find it! Get out of your own way and be humble, grateful. That’s the best way I know to begin. The seed for me was the seed of faith in living truth and love. It’s not who I am it’s who’s I am that matters most to me.
I want to thank everyone who’s in my life and who’s been in my life. I’m grateful for the life I live now. One step at a time.
Be encouraged in heart and united in love. Colossians 2:2.
God bless you all, His Servant,
Sabrina Rounds,
Missoula, Mont.