Let them know


Dear Editor,

It was a culture shock 12 years ago when I moved from the Seattle-Everett area to Oroville. I never thought I would live east of the mountains, much less in the Okanogan Highlands.

Five years ago we moved to ‘town,’ here in Oroville, and life changed again. I discovered a community where something is going on all the time. Bazaars, auctions and fund raisers, evenings at local wineries, and very active organizations. We missed some nice events because two or more were scheduled for the same date. Hence, the purpose of this letter.

Having the Gazette-Tribune to publicize events is great, but usually they don’t appear until the last minute. The Oroville Chamber has an events calendar. I just added the second annual 50’s Dance on Dec. 1, a fund raiser for North Valley Community Schools. It was easy to do. Since then, I’ve learned that the Oroville city tree lighting celebration is on the same evening. In fact, there are now three Oroville events scheduled for Dec. 1. We are fortunate that none of them conflict, but that isn’t always the case.

It makes sense to have a ‘clearinghouse’ for Oroville, Tonasket and surrounding area happenings. The Chamber website provides the means to find out what’s going on – If we all use it. You should add special events, not weekly or monthly meetings, etc. If you’re planning an event, check this site before you cast in stone the date you want. And, if you’re just curious about what’s coming up, the Chamber will know.

If we all take advantage of this opportunity to let people know what’s going on, everyone will benefit. More people will show up at your event if there isn’t another one or more scheduled on the same date and the community won’t have to pick and choose. Just go to www.orovillewashington.com and click on Events. Within a few weeks, the (new) Tonasket Chamber website will offer the opportunity to register your events online, as well. Until then you can do it by phone.

Jackie Valiquette


Editor’s Note: Our new G-T website also has a nice calendar feature that allows organizations and individuals to add their own events with an easy to use online form. Once added we will get an email and if it’s appropriate (not a private yard sale or similar) I will activate it right away. Just go to www.gazette-tribune.com, hover your mouse over the calendar tab at the top and click Add Event from the drop down menu and it will take you to the form. You can add one time events or repeating ones like meetings. The online calendar features events happening that day on the home page, but you can also get list views for several weeks ahead. You can even add a Google map link to the location of the event. G.A.D.