Iniquitous masters of gun control


Dear Editor,

The Oct. 8th cartoon with the picture of the Second Amendment in the trash can, entitled “The only “common sense gun law” that might have prevented the Oregon community college shooting…” This sentiment seems to parallel the iniquitous masters of gun control throughout history. The letter below the cartoon, by Tom Hastings of the Oregon Peace Institute continued in that vein, but failed to mention how many people have been killed throughout history when “common sense gun control” is enforced. Tom didn’t mention why the gun decided to go to the college that day, or what its motives were, or how it loaded, aimed, and fired itself. Does Tom stand proudly with the Stalins, Pol Pots, Maos, Hitlers and Castros of the world who have forced gun control on their own people by killing them? A question that won’t be asked at any presidential debate, but should be is, : Why did the founding fathers see the need for uninfringed gun ownership? Why was it a right that they assumed? And if gun control is such a great idea, why do the Bloomberg’s, Clinton’s, Obama’s and all the other elites of the world travel with armed body guards? Protection for them seems to be a good thing. Does the Declaration of Independence need to be “fixed” as well; all men are not created equal and are not endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights? Only important people deserve protection in the Utopian world of tyrants. B.O. has made it his pastime trashing the Constitution, He has impugned the first, second, fourth, ninth, 10th and 14th, amendments of the document, and now with the help of the Republican leadership, He is pushing an “agreement “with Iran that would make him and those who support this plan the biggest funders of terrorism ever…, 150 billion dollars can buy a lot of guns and other things needed for the development of a “stable middle east” ,right? Apparently if Iran likes its nuclear weapons they can keep them in the Obama plan! Arming those who continue to inflict terror seems to be the only answer in the world of Obama.

Steve Lorz