In response to comments

Dear Editor,

Addressing The Town Crier 12/26 comments: Im writing this, not in response to negative comments about NVH; but to the personal slights present in two letters.

I’m not the person you accuse of foaming at the mouth during a Commissioners meeting; although I do know and respect the individual you might be referring to! Accusing those whom don’t agree with you of hostility or referring to us as lap dogs or other meaningless idioms does nothing to further your cause.

Using Ms. Jane Fonda’s actions in Vietnam as a potential insult to myself and others’ usefulness in our communities, does require a response! Being a decorated disabled combat veteran and having served two partial tours of the Viet Nam war, I view her actions two ways, both being equally important.

1) For the treatment of our military POW’s after her famous antiwar visiting statement, I personally regret still having to share the air I breathe with her! Nor will I support her in any manner. 2) That having been noted; I also feel that Ms. Fonda had and has the right of free speech that is ours as American citizens, protected via the service of our veterans and a Constitutional right! I do not have to agree with or approve of her opinions and actions anymore than I do yours.

I do appreciate the fact; that in our VA system (veterans) if one wish’s to appeal a decision/case/cause; it (the appeal) must contain new and material evidence.

Michael Stewart