Hastings piece insulting to veterans

Dear Editor,

As a veteran (USAF 1966-70) I find Congressman “Doc” Hastings’ Veterans Day propaganda piece insulting.

Hastings record does not bear out his claim of support for American veterans. Less than two months ago he voted against excluding veterans from benefit cuts in case of a government shut down or default. In July rather than pushing for veterans benefits he claims he is for he voted to spend nearly $4 billion tax dollars on programs the Pentagon said they didn’t need or want!

He also strongly supports privatizing Social Security and turning it over to the Wall Street Banksters with no protection for the large number of veterans who depend on the program.

Maybe the greatest insult was Hastings’ vote to send our troops into the Iraq War based on a lie and voting against any provision to pay for it or pay for benefits once our veterans returned.

“Doc” Hastings’ record is one of giving corporations anything they want – it is certainly not one of supporting veterans. His article reads like a campaign brochure but not anything based on his real voting record.

William F. Johnston