Freedom of religion

Dear Editor,

This country was founded by people fleeing religious persecution who wanted to pursue their own faith. Our early forefathers/mothers were looking for freedom OF religion in a new world, not freedom FROM religion. They desperately wanted to practice their faith. They fled from countries that demanded allegiance to one faith and did not tolerate those who disagreed.

Freedom of religion is promised in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution yet these days we are seeing people insist that no religion is the only religion they will tolerate, or folks who insist you will assimilate into their religion or they will kill you. Neither one of these is particularly appealing to me, nor are they consistent with our American constitution.

If you want to practice the religion of atheism (a belief in nothing is still a belief system or “religion”), Christianity, Mormonism, Islam or whatever, you are free to do so here in America. That choice should remain between you and your god or God.

The requirement of a “separation between church and state” arose when state governments began establishing religions. I can’t imagine a bigger nightmare than a government directed and politically motivated religion. “Separation” simply means the government should stick to governing and leave religion alone.

As a Christian, I have faith that my God is strong enough, smart enough and holy enough to draw people to Him because of Who He is. He is a God of free will and choices.

Everyone in America has the constitutionally guaranteed right to choose to practice their faith without being harassed or intimidated by individuals or by government entities.

Chrystal Perrow