Excellent opportunity to build a pool

Dear Editor,

I am writing on behalf of the Tonasket Chamber of Commerce in support of the Tonasket Parks and Recreation District on the ballot in the upcoming election. The city has an excellent opportunity to have a pool built from funds donated thru the Tonasket Pool committee but the city would not be able to afford the maintenance costs of a pool.

We believe that it is an asset for a city to have a municipal swimming pool. It provides a draw to people visiting. It is an extra something to do while in the area. It can promote sales of pool gear, sun protection, and food. It can provide jobs for those operating the pool, including good training and experience for some of our local teens entering the work force.

For local families, outside of the city limits, coming into town to do shopping and business, having a place for the children to play is helpful. So is having the option to reward the tiny ones with a trip to the pool after mom has been in town doing errands. It’s a win/win for businesses and families.

I answer many calls that come into the chamber with people looking at our area and thinking of moving here. Many of these people actually ask if the town has a pool. These may be doctors or teachers that have families or older people looking to retire here. Not everyone likes to swim in or feels safe swimming in the river or many lakes around here so they ask about a pool. I am looking forward to being able to tell them that “Yes, we have a pool!”

I personally had the positive experience of noticing the pool when my husband and I were first thinking of moving here. I thought it really was a good sign for a small town to have such a good investment for their kids. My husband will tell you that my reaction was a bit more animated than that previous statement!

The pool that the committee is striving to build will be regulation approved for competition swimming. Swim meets could be an exciting event brought back to our community. Families traveling from other areas coming here to watch their kids compete will patronize businesses while they are here. Our swim team can proudly go to meets in other cities to represent Tonasket.

Please vote YES on the ballot for a Tonasket Parks and Recreation District. Your small investment of 15 cents per one thousand dollars of property value, invested in your community for the pools and other parks upkeep will help Tonasket remain inviting and prosperous.

Julie Alley, President

Tonasket Chamber of Commerce