Everyone should visit museum

Dear Editor,

Depot Museums’ Annual Meeting will be Nov. 4 at 4 p.m. two weeks from now! The annual meeting will be for members and the people from a place called Oroville and the surrounding area. It has been noted that many of our citizens have never been to the museum and Visitors Center, EVER! It is very sad that this is a common occurrence among the “millenniums” and the ones born during the last century.

The Oroville Depot Museum has visitors from more than 21 countries, including Canada, and almost 3,000 visitors this year. This year we had 131 fires in the Lower Okanagan in B.C. and you know what happened here! We had road closures for most of our season, May through September. It cost the county over $100,000 daily and we cannot know the loss to our area. By this time over the last few years we have had more than 13,000 visitors, down slightly due to fires in the last two years.

The Depot Museum and Visitors Center is your introduction to the City of Oroville, the Okanogan County and the United States of America. All of you should take the time and use some of that energy to visit, inquire, contribute and help the Board of Directors continue to give the visitors to our area the kind of attention they deserve. The City of Oroville and the Chamber of Commerce are very supportive of the efforts of the Museums Board of Directors and the work they have done.

It is now your chance to come, visit and spend a few minutes to see what we are doing and what the next year will bring. It will be an Oroville year and your relatives will be on display and showing you your history, your strength and your future.

Please attend especially if you do not belong to the organization, see what is being offered to all of those people coming through your town, and what your town has to offer.

Arnie Marchand

Volunteer at the Museum