Every vote counts

Dear Editor,

I’ve heard people say, “Why vote, it makes no impact or difference on anything.” You want to see impact – considering the significance that a hand full of votes can make in a community like ours on ballot outcomes.

A vote on a school levy or bond can be passed or lost by as little as one vote. Every single vote carries the power to make a difference. You have the privilege to make a difference. I trust you to meet the challenge and take the time to mail in your ballot. I am voting for the Tonasket School levy and for the Tonasket school bond. Two votes for our community and its future.

I am in full support of a new facility to house the Alternative High School and Outreach program – which will depend on the Bond passing. I am impressed how they meet such a variety of children’s learning needs in their programs. The Outreach program gives structure to families who have chosen home schooling for their children.  They get individual instruction weekly and also several group activities. I love that the teachers pull from our own community members in offering the children exposure to careers, nature and interests. Thank you teachers.

Your vote can make the difference. Vote before the ballot gets lost or forgotten on the the kitchen table. Let your impact move the tally in a positive direction for kids.


Kathy Swedberg.