Don't sweep it under the rug

Dear Editor,

Dusty Gircux’s letter to the editor in the July 3, 2014 edition of the Gazette-Tribune articulates well the feelings of many in our community regarding the Oroville School Superintendent and School Board’s decision not to renew Ryan Frazier’s contract and also their abhorrent behavior in not letting Mr. Frazier or members of the community speak at a scheduled meeting when told previously they could.

It is no secret that many students have transferred and qualified teachers have either chosen to retire or move to another school district due to lack of support from the school superintendent.

It is my understanding that while Mr. Frazier did not have “permanent teacher status” one would hope that those he reports to might mentor and guide him with regard to policies and expectations of the school district during this period. From all reports he was well liked by students, parents, other teachers and recommended for renewal by the high school principal. It appears only the Oroville School Superintendent had a problem and was not willing to resolve any issue with Mr. Frazier.

Like Ms. Giroux, I have no children in the school system– I am simply a tax payer contributing to the education of our local children. When quality teachers are lost, students transfer to other districts, the superintendent’s contract is extended and pay raise given, despite several incidents over the past year and a questionable past, are we really doing the youth in our community a favor if we continue to approve every levy requested? By voting “yes” we are in essence saying “ we trust you and approve of the job you are doing.” What I hear is dissatisfaction from many — please don’t let these issues be swept under the rug and forgotten by the next time you are asked to vote for additional school funds. The power of the community is in their vote and controlling of the “purse strings!”

Joanne Morris