Disappointing answer

Dear Editor,

On Thursday, Oct. 10, candidates for the 7th District Senate seat were at the Oroville Chamber of Commerce meeting. When asked about the “Affordable Care Act, Mr. Dansel said, “if you don’t like Obamacare, then come up with a better idea.”

That was an answer? To the biggest control grab in American history? To an unconstitutional law based on how it was created and supported by an unconstitutional Supreme Court decision? With a President whose sworn duty is to implement a law, not choose which parts he will enforce by giving thousands of exemptions?

To a plan designed to snare America into socialized medicine by destroying the private health care system through costly regulations and practices? Britain and Canada started along the same lines! Now, according to Canadian news, people are dying in waiting rooms, there is a massive shortage of prescription drugs, and at least 30,000 Canadians a year come to the U.S. to pay cash so they don’t have to wait for months for procedures.

A family of 4 signing up for the “Affordable Care” found their premiums will go from $800 a month to $1,700 and their yearly deductible from $3,000 to $24,000!

“If you have a better plan, bring it forward.” Obviously Mr. Dansel, even considering it’s irrefutable flaws, we already have one. You just don’t realize it. Where are the “new ideas?”

David Wolosik