Did you know?

Dear Gary,

That the the Ambassador to Libya, Mr. Chris Stevens, was an enrolled Tribal Member of the Chinook Indian Tribe. Chairman Ray Gardner said, “To all of the Chinook Members and all the friends of the Chinook Nation I am hopeful that you will include the family of Chris Stevens, the former Ambassador to Libya, that lost his life while working towards lasting peace to the region, be in your prayers.”

Did you know that the FBI was looking for my brother Verdan L. Marchand and found him in Seattle. They needed to know how to “spell” his name! They are going to put it on a memorial on the FBI Building at Quantico, VA; he was a black belt Karate instructor for the FBI some time ago. I am very proud of my brother, congratulations.

Did you know that the families of Mrs. Cecelia Edwards, Mrs. Louise Gabriel, and Mrs Sophie Marchand, will be having a family get together and celebrate Thanksgiving at the Omak Longhouse, Saturday, Oct. 6 starting at 2 p.m. All of you who “said they didn’t know, know now!” Please come and visit, meet your people and enjoy a get together without a funeral, for a change.

Arnie Marchand

Okanogan Indian

Colville Tribal Member