Convince congress to voter against the TPP

Dear Editor,

Last June the Republican Leadership in Congress, including Cathy McMorris Rodgers, were able to pass Trade Promotion Authority which gave President Obama unconstitutional authority to regulate commerce with foreign nations, including the fast tract authority to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership.( Art.1 Sec 8).

A Tufts University study says passage of this massive 5554 page agreement loaded with new regulations would shrink our GDP by $100 billion leading to a loss of 448,000 American jobs .

On Nov. 5th President Obama notified Congress of his intent to sign the 12 nation agreement which he did on Feb 4th in New Zealand. He must now wait 30 days before submitting TPP legislation to Congress for approval.

Senator Jeff Sessions the leading opponent of the TPP says it creates a powerful European Union-style Commission that can appoint unelected bureaucrats, change the agreement after adoption, add new members, and address new issues as they evolve. Sessions warns that the TPP Commission would have the power to evolve this Partnership into a Pacific Union that would destroy the independence of the United States.

This happened in Europe and it can happen here unless we convince Cathy McMorris Rodgers and our two Senators to vote against the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Stephen Dunham