Bernie Sanders represents real change

Dear Gary,

Well, Bernie has won New Hampshire’s Primary without any support from the billionaire class who are used to buying any election they want. Still, the media are going to keep saying that Hillary is more “electable” than Bernie. Why would they keep insisting this?

I’ll tell you a good reason: Ever hear of Citizens United and the out-of-control campaign funding that Bernie promises to change? Okay, so the problem is that billionaires have unlimited influence on elections, right? But all that money that is being spent to corrupt our democratic processes – whose pockets does it wind up in? Why the shareholders of the media corporations, of course.

Maybe you never stopped to think about it, but the big “liberal” media have a vested interest in convincing you that the kind of changes Bernie promised can’t happen. they don’t WANT our campaign finance rules to be reformed. They are getting rich off the undermining of our democracy.

Sick of the status quo? Vote for real change, the kind the news media says isn’t possible.

Sam Howell