Before our time is gone

Dear Editor,

In the last 120 years mankind went from horseback to nuclear weapons that could destroy the world in just moments. That is a very short time period for the world that laid dormant for hundreds of years. But the farther mankind has progressed, the less spiritual we have become, worshipping our own creation and losing identity to ourselves, the universe and our creator.

From the time of our birth our spirit is carnated in the flesh, then soon a sense of being from the light and power of essence that keeps the spirit of all life in perpetual motion. It never ends.

Doomsday preppers must not see or believe in a power greater than themselves if they think they can just build a fortress to save their life. But what about their soul?

We are all subjects of time and on time we depend. But we don’t usually know when our life will end.

Why would anyone plan a future or have children when their own future is uncertain and think it will soon end? Reality shows like these do alter the vision and faith of people who actually believe what they (the doomsday preppers) are doing.

It seems mankind or the human spirit is always trying to figure out how life and the universe began. It is very hard for the human species to believe that a power could exist without a beginning or an end and have more intelligence than the human mind.

What people do not seem to understand is that all wildlife would stay in harmony and balance if man was never here. There are many species of wildlife that became extinct because we are safe.

I think that mankind should stop trying to figure out how the universe began and proving how man began. I think all the people who try to figure out how we got here should stop dwelling on how man began and start thing and have faith in where we are going.

Jerry Hutchins