Appreciate quick police response

Dear Gary,

Last Thursday morning (10:15 a.m.) I received a call from a customer at our Laundromat in town. He indicated to me that my ‘camera’ has been taken down from the ceiling and thrown in the garbage can. I asked him to place it near the change machine, but he called back immediately saying there was damage to the change machine.

I left home very quickly and found that someone had punched in the bill acceptor causing major damage and taking some money. Upon calling the Oroville Police, our new officer Frank Koutelieris arrived to investigate. Three gentlemen customers shared their knowledge with the officer and he began his investigation.

Kelly came over from Atkins grocery warning me that someone has also stolen a cell phone, keys, and tools from a delivery truck. We had already found the keys and sent them to their service center.

As I turned in my part of the police report at 1:30 p.m. with damage estimates, Chief Hill and Officer Koutelieris were bringing a local man to the jail in cuffs. Case solved and culprit under arrest. Insurance won’t pay due to deductibles, but I have the satisfqaction of caring helpful customers and a very professional police response. All are to be humbly thanked for their efforts.

Business owner,

Spencer Higby