Animal rescue relies on your help

Dear Editor,

I am writing on behalf of The Nourishing Hand, our local animal rescue. We are a 501c3 nonprofit, equine rescue, dog rescue and pet food bank. We want to let the community know what services we offer and also to ask for support to continue to help rescue and rehabilitate animals in need. We are dedicated to advancing the health and welfare of animals in Okanogan County. We carry out this mission by engaging community-based volunteers in equine rescue, foster care, and adoption programs geared toward preventing animal abuse, neglect, and slaughter.

We have the privilege of working closely with our newly appointed county Animal Control Officer, Dave Yarnell, and the cities of Oroville and Tonasket. When we are contacted for help by these agencies, we take in abandoned, abused and neglected animals and find them new homes once they are deemed ready for adoption. When the dogs are brought in we vaccinate, worm and assess the temperament so we can better inform potential adopters about the particular animal. When horses are brought in we assess the health of the animal, level or training if any, have a farrier evaluate the feet, and do any other appropriate health care needed at the time. We also have a pet food bank to help families in need.

We are asking for the support of our community to continue to care for these animals in need. We always are in need of donations and volunteers. Due to the government shut down, our grants along with many other non-profits, were denied. We are relying completely on the generosity of people as well as the fundraisers we’ve organized, to help buy hay and supplies. We will be re-applying for these grants, but that takes time. We have an open door policy and are happy you for those who have already donated and have given of their time to help us care for our local animals.

Christa McCoy – Secretary

The Nourishing Hand