ACA just a revenue generator

Dear Editor,

There is no argument the health care situation is a fiasco but let’s be honest, do you really think the government cares if the American people are covered under a qualified health insurance plan? No. After weeks of trying to understand this web of deceit our leaders have spun, I have come to one conclusion: The “Affordable Care Act” is a ruse to obtain more revenue from the taxpayers.

Let’s think about it shall we. When has it ever been a crime not to have health insurance? This crime will be punishable by the IRS taxing up to 10 percent of your annual income. When the Health Care Act was implemented, millions of Americans received cancellation letters for their existing policies. When they tried to enroll in a new plan they were either unsuccessful, or like me, outraged with the new rate, and are considering to opt out and pay the fine. This still leaves me and millions of other Americans without health insurance, paying out of pocket for doctor visits, prescriptions, etc. and paying a fine to our government.

Yes the existing health insurance program needed a fix, but this is not the way to do it. Offering discounted/government subsidized insurances rates to those individuals who have little or no income is pricing others out of the market. Sounds like class warfare to me. What’s next, pay more for a loaf of bread than the next guy in line because you earn more?

Once again, this bill had nothing to do with health care at all. Imagine how many billions of dollars these fines will generate for the Federal Government due to the so called “Affordable Care Act.” Millions of Americans are penalized because the government forced the insurance companies to cancel their policies. Not to mention the younger generation who already stated prior to this bill being passed, they would not purchase health insurance.

In order for the “ACA” to work 2.7 million of the enrollees need to be under the age of 35. Mark Twain said, “It’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them they have been fooled.”

Bridgette Sterling