Why out of county campaign contributions?

Dear Editor,

Why are Chris Branch’s major contributor’s from the “COAST?” I’m looking at Chris’s contribution form. Currently he has raised $12,376.00 dollars’ total with $9,519.22 coming from out of the county, mostly from Puget Sound and Eugene, Ore. Eugene is the PNW’s hotbed of “greenies”, a.k.a. anti-capitalist U.N. zombies. These folks think technology ends with solar powered electric ‘bongs’. Could it be that the “Soriano family”, Chris’s largest contributor has something in mind if he is elected? For example, help them get the very large “conservation easement” approved on land they have purchased in Okanogan County, at the taxpayer’s expense…all in the name of “saving the environment!” Among the “coasty contributors” is none other than “Trudy Soriano” the administrator of “Washington Wildlife Recreation Coalition”…you know the “hug a wolf folks”. I for one, don’t like the dishonesty and hypocrisy that is shaping up with this campaign. It appears that we have tree-huggers, bong lovers, wolf-huggers, and tax swindlers all lining up in support of a “broken Branch” —all at the potential expense of a County already in financial distress. Okanogan County cannot afford another planned “Community failure” like the Eastlake Sewer project, the one that broke Oroville’s financial back, planned by Chris, to which the County still contributes approximately $900K/year for another decade! I am totally certain that we need an adult in the Commissioner’s seat, and Sheila Kennedy is the adult in the room…like it or not.

James M. Miller