Oroville repeals Business License Ordinance, fee

OROVILLE – After some review, the Oroville City Council approved the repeal of the city’s Business License Ordinance which required each business operating in the city limits to register and pay an annual $25 fee.

Councilman Ed Naillon made the motion to approve an ordinance repealing the requirement for local businesses to register and pay the fee that accompanied registration. The motion was seconded by Councilman David McEleheran and passed unanimously at the council’s Tuesday, Feb. 5 meeting.

The move was made to come in line with new state regulations that require businesses to register with the state and the state sending the fee back to the city the business is registered in, according to Councilman Walt Hart.

“The state just made another entanglement, just another way to create jobs,” said Hart. “By getting rid of the license requirement we also got rid of the fee which was $25. But even a $25 fee can be just another burden on the small business owner. That money can be better used elsewhere.”