New source of driveway rock in the Highlands

Advanced Forest Management, owned by Jim and Jean Vernon, has started a new branch of business. They have opened a small rock quarry just south of Chesaw.

The pit produces shale rock that is ideal for driveway surfacing. The rock is graded and when put down it interlocks for an excellent driving surface, according to the Vernons.

“Up until now, landowners in the Highlands have had to pay extensive trucking charges to get the best rock for their driveways or they have had to buy pit-run, ungraded gravel, not the most stable surface material,” said Jim Vernon. “Because of the savings on trucking and our excellent pricing it will be very cost effective for landowners to buy rock from us.”

The quarry got its start when the Vernons donated shale rock last year to the county for road fill when the road crew was doing extensive repairs on Nealey Road. The road crew did a good job in opening up the rock pit and the Vernons have developed it further, installing a grizzly-style rock sorter.

They also have larger sizes of rock available, suitable for road fill and very large rock suitable for landscape highlights and water features. Call (509) 485-3060 to enquire about rock.