Nathan McAllister joins G-T newspaper sales staff

Nathan McAllister
Nathan McAllister

OROVILLE – Nathan McAllister will be doing advertising sales for the Gazette-Tribune newspaper starting with the next issue.

McAllister, who will fill the position being vacated by Charlene Helm, has been working for Frontier Foods for about four years, where he was a Department Manager and Supervisor. He is local and graduated from Oroville High School in 2014.

“I have a lot of family here, including my mom and dad, three sisters and a brother-in-law, as well as my grandmother and lots of aunts and uncles,” said McAllister.

He said he applied for the job because he felt the opportunity would be great for him and a step up, as well as a way to get more involved in the community.

While his work at Frontier didn’t involve the same kind of sales, McAllister said as a Department Manager he did a lot of “upselling” and he has a lot of experience in finding out what people like and what they are looking for.

“One thing that’s really excites me is the opportunity to go around to the different communities and getting to know the businesses and people, not just in our communities, but throughout the valley,” he said. “I think I’ll really enjoy it.”

In his off time McAllister likes to hunt, fish, hike, run and play the guitar. He said he’s single, but in a relationship.

“I’m really excited about the job and obviously excited to get to work. I hope I do as good a job as Charlene and make her proud,” he said.