Glover opening Highland Internet Service

Photo by Gary DeVonJames Glover is the owner operator of Highland Internet Services, which provides wireless and fiber optic internet services, as well as seven-days-a-week customer support.


OROVILLE – James Glover is opening Highland InternetServices a provider of wireless and fiber optic Internet.

“We offer residential and commercial Internet, as well assmall business networking, security camera set-up and great local customerservice,” said Glover, who says he will be available seven days a week forcustomer support.

Highland Internet is having their grand opening for theentire month of April, offering half-off installations with the first month forfree. Those switching from another ISP will get installation for $20 and a freemonth of service.

“Hurry, this offer won’t last,” he said.

Glover said one of the reason he and his family started thisnew business, their first, is because wireless network coverage in the areawill be expanding soon into a lot of rural areas of the county where itcurrently doesn’t reach.

“So we thought it’s now or never,” Glover said. “From abusiness point of view we want to offer that great hometown customer service,competitive prices and we want the customers to feel their needs are beingmet.”

Glover’s parents moved to Oroville in the 1960s and he wasborn in Tonasket in 1970 and has continued to live in the area raising his ownfamily with his wife Betty. She is in her first year as a nursing student atWenatchee Valley College. Their daughter Ashley is graduating this June andwill be starting fall quarter at WVC to also pursue a career in the nursing field.In addition, the Glovers have a 12-year-old son named Bryce who is in the sixthgrade and enjoys playing sports.

The Glover family is involved in many youth activities andsocial events, he said.

“We try to stay community-minded and support youth organizations,”he adds. “Our family enjoys camping, hunting, fishing and spending timetogether. We would like to thank our friends and family for all their supportthey have given us in our new business.”

Glovercan be contacted by phone at (509) 560-3800 or on the web at <ahref=””>