Top 10 Completely Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites With Name

In the old days, it was very difficult and time-consuming to find the person behind the number, but now there are a number of web platforms and apps that can discover people’s identities from a phone number, or locate them just by using their name, and also help employers and agencies to run background checks on people.

Many of these services are free to use and are very user-friendly, so even someone without much technical skill can access them, read on to find out more about these useful services.

To start with, here are the top 4:

  • CocoFinder: Best Overall for Completely Safe Reverse Phone Lookup
  • Instant CheckMate: Best for Reverse Phone Lookup With Instant Results
  • Spokeo: Best for Fast and Accurate Reserve Phone Number Search
  • NumLooker: Best for Efficient Reverse Phone Number Lookup

10 Best Completely Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites With Name



CocoFinder is one of the most reputable completely free reverse phone lookup services around the country. It has an easy user interface and is ideal for people who do not have excellent technical skills. All the information it can access is available on public databases so there are no concerns about invasion of privacy and all its services comply with legal requirements.

CocoFinder takes pride in its level of accuracy with search results, although that can depend on the reliability of the public information. Finding the identity of a person behind an unknown phone number with CocoFinder is very simple. Just log on to the website, enter the phone number in the search box, click on the search button and CocoFinder will quickly tell you the name of the person or organization that owns it.

CocoFinder also offers other free services on its website including People Search, which allows you to enter a person’s name and find their contact details such as phone number and address. It can also be used for background checks on people if you need to check for criminal history for example.

Check With CocoFinder to Find Out Who Called From an Unknown Number Today

Instant CheckMate


Instant CheckMate is more than just a free reverse phone lookup site, it is also a comprehensive people search site and one of the leading search tools for public records on the internet. It can give instant access to millions of documents by searching public records including federal, state, and county databases, and compiling them all into one report.

All information on Instant CheckMate is free for a 5-day trial period, after that there is a subscription cost depending on how long you want it for. One month costs $34.78, and if you take it for three months it is $27.82 per month. These rates are for the full service, but if you only want the reverse phone lookup, it is just $4.99 per month.

Instant CheckMate is completely legal and safe with an SSL certificate, and the person you search for is not notified so your query is totally confidential. With it, you can look up people’s addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles, driving records, arrest records, and general background information.

For a Safe and Confidential Phone Lookup, Go To Instant CheckMate



Spokeo is a subscription-based people search engine providing users with public information. Spokeo searches for names, phone numbers, emails, and addresses, and compiles a profile report to give you complete information.

If you only want to use Spokeo one time for a reverse phone lookup you can opt for a 7-day trial for 95c, and after that, there is a monthly fee of $24.95. You can use it to find information about friends, family, and neighbors, and even search to see what public information is available about yourself – you may be surprised!

Spokeo searches through billions of records from industry-leading databases including historical records, court records, and social media information. Millions of people have used Spokeo, and have been able to find lost family members and identify unknown people or scam them over the phone.

If You Are Looking For a Trusted Reverse Phone Lookup, Spokeo Can Help



NumLooker offers a phone lookup service that can give you the identity of the person or company who called you, and it operates on both mobile phones as well as landlines. When you run a reverse lookup, NumLooker accesses all the data and returns a confidential report with the caller’s name, address, birthday, social security number, social media accounts, and more.

With NumLooker, you can easily find out who was calling and whether to call them back. Reverse phone lookups are completely legal since they provide you with information that is already available on various public databases, the difference being that you only have to search one time and not have to check through various government agencies and public records.

NumLooker offers other free services such as People Search which gives you background information such as criminal records, and even school records. It also has an Address Lookup facility to find a street address for a person or business. You do not need to register and create an account before using NumLooker, so your search is completely confidential.

Use NumLookerr for a Fast and Free Phone Number Lookup In Complete Safety

Real People Finder


Real People Finder is a free reverse phone lookup engine. Just type a phone number into the search query box to find your target person’s email, phone number, address, and social media pages. The search results are based on publicly available information, and the site follows the FCRA rules so is completely legal and trustworthy.

Real People Finder provides multiple ways to search for people using different details, with simple search tools in real-time with fast results. You can use it to reconnect with long-lost pals or obtain information about a new neighbor. This site can help you to find a neighbor’s information, long-lost friends, old connections, or frequent callers from unknown numbers.

The talented and passionate team at Real People Finder is available 24/7 and their aim is to keep everybody in the US connected with long-lost friends and family, by offering easy and efficient services free to everyone.

For a Free & Fast Reverse Phone Lookup, Try Real People Finder Today

Easy People Search


Easy People Search is a user-friendly phone lookup engine, with a well-designed interface. It gives you accurate results from publicly available data. The website provides extremely precise data and its services are entirely free. You may quickly obtain professional, social, and contact information just by entering the phone number or any other details that you know.

Their most popular service is the free reverse phone lookup. To use this feature you just type in your target phone number and Easy People Search will give you a confidential report with information about the person who owns the number including their name, address, and any other publicly held personal details.

For a User-Friendly Reverse Phone Lookup, Go to Easy People Search

True Person Finder


True Person Finder is a reverse phone lookup service offering people easy access to information held in public records. To make sure the data is reliable, they regularly update their directories to capture the latest details. This search engine is easy to use, and you can even look up an international phone number for no charge.

When you search for a phone number it will give you a full report on the person. The service is not completely free, however, although the website believes it can justify the charges due to its excellent service and fast, accurate results. The actual fees are not shown on the website, you find out when you ask for a report.

For Up-To-Date Reverse Phone Lookups, Check With True Person Finder

Great People Search


Great People Search is a people finder tool that uses millions of public records to find public information on any US citizen within minutes. With it, you can find old friends, learn about neighbors, and check a missed call from an unknown number.

Performing a reverse phone number lookup with Great People Search is easy, just enter a phone number and with one click, you get all the info you need. It is a simple process with no waiting time, and the phone lookup engine lets you look up a person’s details quickly and effortlessly.

Perform a Trustworthy Reverse Phone Lookup With Great People Search Now

Best People Finder


Best People Finder is a free reverse phone lookup that does not require users to sign up or register, so your personal details are completely confidential. The website has a wide range of search choices allowing you to reverse lookup names, addresses, and emails. All information comes from the official public, state, and federal records, which guarantees accuracy.

It also has a simple layout, making it straightforward and easy to use for anyone with limited tech skills. Comprehensive details are available in a few seconds including full data on the individual’s residence, phone number, email details, social media profiles, and criminal history.

Try Best People Finder for a Free and Simple Phone Lookup Service

People Search Faster


People Search Faster is a great tool that provides a variety of different lookup services including free reverse phone lookup. All the online services on this platform are free, with maximum accuracy provided to the user.

The search process is very fast and you don’t need to wait long for the returning result. The huge database is also a key feature and the site accesses a large number of public records. People Search Faster benefits from state-of-the-art algorithms and high-performance servers to provide the best people search matches.

Try People Search Faster for a Completely Free Phone Number Lookup Today

What Information Can I Get From a Reverse Phone Lookup?

Personal Details

A reverse phone lookup can tell you who called you from an unknown number, along with his or her nicknames or aliases, date of birth, and even social security number.

Living Address

You can find a person’s home address or the address of a business in addition to a mailing address if different.

Email Account

Nowadays just about everyone, and every business, has an email address and the phone lookup can find all email addresses connected to that phone number

Social Media Profile

When you sign up for a social media account such as Twitter or Facebook you are asked for a phone number, so these accounts can be traced by a reverse phone lookup as a matter of public record.

Alternate or Hidden Phone Numbers

Many modern smartphones are dual sims with two separate numbers, and also people often have two phones. The reverse phone lookup can reveal all phone numbers belonging to the target person.

Information About Acquaintances

Reverse phone number lookup can also be used to access information about the relatives or friends of the person using the phone number in question.


We need reverse phone lookups because we receive multiple unknown phone calls every day. Some of these could be really important, while other calls could be a scam or cold-call advertising. Reverse phone lookup sites are your best bet to save time and stay safe in such scenarios.

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