The Many Benefits of Using Knee Sleeves

For knee support and pain relief, you could benefit from wearing a knee sleeve. You should know that a knee sleeve and a knee brace are two entirely different things- and you should not substitute a sleeve for a brace, in most instances. The reason is that a knee sleeve does not constrict movement as a brace does- and it is less stable and intended for different types of conditions and therapeutic purposes.

If you spend a lot of time training or straining the joints of your knees, you can most definitely benefit from wearing a knee sleeve; talk to your trainer, provider, or practitioner to find out more!

Here are some compelling benefits of wearing knee sleeves:

Injury Prevention

It has been shown that wearing a prophylactic knee support, like a sleeve, can help reduce the frequency and severity of knee injuries among those participating in sports or athletics. Most commonly sports injuries involve damage to the ACL, MCL, or cartilage surrounding the knee; the best knee sleeves are designed and intended to help protect the joint, while preventing possible injury.

So, which activities are most suited to wearing a knee sleeve? Wear a sleeve for any activity that you jump, run, or lift a lot of weight; lifting heavy objects puts a lot of stress and strain on the knees. If you engage in exercises like deep knee bends and squats, protect the knee with a sleeve. If you work out without a sleeve, you could be jeopardizing the condition of your knees over time.

Provides Compression

As long as the knee sleeve fits properly, these will provide compression that encourages and enhances blood flow to the joints. This alleviates pre and post-workout discomfort, aches, and pains- which can help to keep you on track with your health and wellness goals.

Furthermore, this compression is useful for high-intensity and rigorous workouts because it eases and aids in recovery. You know how you can feel sore and uncomfortable after a hard workout? This can often force you to take a day off- or longer. With knee sleeves, there is less swelling, inflammation, and pain when you work out- as well as after. The compression provided by good quality knee sleeves is invaluable to overall wellbeing.

Knee Warmth

Even if it is the hottest time of the year, there are advantages to making sure your knee joints are warm. The warmth provided by wearing a knee sleeve is perfect for loosening up and protecting the patella. The pressure of the compression simulates warmth, which is beneficial to the nervous system of the body. A word to buyers: look for knee sleeves made from neoprene for a sleeve that is easy to wear, snugly fit, and convenient to wash or clean.

Stability & Support

Knee sleeves that fit properly can provide stability and support for the knee joints when worn. Weightlifters that put extra weight on their joints benefit from knee sleeves- but more on that soon! As for those just starting out with lifting weights, it may be less vital but should be a consideration as you work up and add more weight to your regimen.

As for the sheer support aspect of wearing a knee sleeve, anyone can benefit- particularly if they have experienced a previous knee injury, medical condition, age, or arthritis. The stability and support of a good quality, well-fitting sleeve is unsurpassed. Talk to your doctor or practitioner to find out more about how a sleeve may be right for you. Some people are able to wear sleeves diligently for a few months to recover and recuperate from a knee issue, while others will use and wear sleeves across the lifespan.

Weight Training

Think about it: your knees bear the brunt of your entire body weight. Add to this the additional strain of lifting weights, and it is easy to see why it is important to provide some help to your knee joints. The typical movements and reps involved in weight lifting make it prudent to wear some kind of prophylactic knee support, like a sleeve or brace.

Squats with added weight could result in devastating knee injuries- and lifelong discomfort. Protect the knees now to avoid problems later. Any time that you can make your knees less vulnerable to stress and strain, do it; they are meant to last a lifetime!

Range of Motion

Speaking of knee braces, why wouldn’t wearing a brace be more effective than wearing a knee sleeve? A knee brace is indicated for certain knee issues and care, but it does not allow for the range of motion that a knee sleeve does. Is range of motion important? Yes, but if you are recovering from a serious knee injury, your practitioner may choose a brace that restricts your movement; a knee sleeve still allows for range of motion, while providing support in proper positioning when worn.

A knee brace may be too restrictive and could cause injury if worn when not needed. The best way to determine if a sleeve or brace makes the most sense is to discuss the matter with your trainer, provider, or physician; they are in the best position to offer valid advice regarding the prophylactic advantages of wearing a knee sleeve. Plus, if you are an athlete, a knee brace may interfere with performance. Since every person is different, it pays to consult with a professional before embarking on a rehabilitative regime for your joints, in this case, knees.

Final Notes

Do you know the differences between knee braces and knee sleeves? This is an important first step before you commit and wear one or the other. Know that the brace offers protective padding that supports and aids the patella and anterior knee, while a knee sleeve does not offer support to the ligaments but does provide stability for weak knees.

There are many compelling reasons and benefits to wear a knee sleeve. Consider these when contemplating knee support. As always, talk to your orthopedist or doctor to find out which approach is right for you.

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