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An often overlooked aspect of our health is skin and nails. Having healthy skin and nails are just as important as having a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t take proper care of your nails, it can result in nail fungus or toenail fungus.

These fungal infections are not only unhygienic but also the starting point for many diseases. Similarly having healthy skin is not only good for your outer appearance, but it is beneficial for your overall health.

It is easy to find a health supplement that claims to help your nails and skin. But finding a good skin and nails supplement, that is made from natural ingredients and can actually help you get rid of toenail fungus, deal with dead skin cells and maintain healthy nails and skin is rare.

Luckily for you, today our research and editorial team has found the perfect health supplement for the health of your nails and skin. The Kerassentials Oil which is also known as Keraessentials nail fungus eliminator is a wonderful essential oil blend that can help with skin infections and nail health.

Product: Keraessentials
Made by: Dr. Kimberly Langdon
Official Website: https://kerassentials.com/
About: This is a supplement that is made using a special blend of essential oils and other, natural, plant-based components to help your skin and nails.
Key Ingredients:
  • Tea Tree Oils
  • Organic Flaxseed Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Almond Oil
  • DL-alpha-Tocopherol
  • Isopropyl Palmitate
  • Undecylenic Acid
  • Major Benefits:
  • Helpful in preventing fungal infections
  • Protects against skin infections
  • Good for nail health
  • Good for skin health
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Side Effects: No major harmful side effects have been reported.
    Dosage: 4 times a day using the enclosed brush applicator.
    Money-Back Guarantee: 100% Money-back guarantee valid up to 60 days from the initial purchase.
    Price: Starts from $69

    The Kerassentials supplement is one of the most popular supplements when it comes to helping you with your nails and skin. You can find many Kerassentials reviews online. But if you are looking for a definitive answer as to if you should use the Kerassentials formula to help you prevent a fungal infection or keep your skin healthy, then this is one of the last Kerassentials reviews that you’ll ever need.

    Keep reading to learn more about The doctor-formulated blend of Kerassentials nail fungus eliminator and how it can help you keep skin infections at bay.

    Before we get into the full-fledged review of this product, let us understand everything about nail and toenail infection and fungus.

    What Is Nail Fungus?

    Nail fungus is a common problem that affects millions of people every year. It usually occurs because of poor hygiene or improper treatment. The condition is caused by a combination of factors such as dryness, injury, and bacterial infections.

    Fungal infections are caused by fungi (molds) that live on our feet. They thrive in warm, moist environments where they feed on dead skin cells. Fungi cause problems when they enter the body through cuts, scrapes, or other wounds. Once inside the body, they can spread throughout the bloodstream and infect other parts of the body.

    Toenails tend to be more prone to fungal infection than fingernails. This may be due to their position: they are closer to the ground and therefore exposed to dirt and moisture.

    How Often Do You Get Nail Fungus?

    Fungal infections occur most frequently between the ages of 20-40 years old, although they can affect anyone at any age.

    The frequency of this disease increases with age. For example, about 10% of adults over 60 have some degree of fungal infection. In contrast, only 1% of children under 5 years old have fungal nails.

    Why Are Your Toenails Turning Yellow?

    When your toenails turn yellow, it means that there is an imbalance between the amount of keratin (the protein that makes up hair and nails) and melanin (a pigment found in the skin). Keratin production decreases as we age, while melanin production increases. As a result, the color of your toenails changes from dark brown to light yellow.

    This change doesn’t happen overnight; it takes several months for the nail bed to become lighter.

    This is not a sign of health problems. However, if your toenails are turning yellow too quickly, it could be a symptom of a medical condition.

    Symptoms of Toenail Fungal Infection

    If you notice one or more of these symptoms, see your doctor immediately:

    • Painful, thickened, discolored nails
    • Discoloration of the surrounding skin
    • Swelling around the affected area
    • Blisters on the surface of the nail
    • A foul odor coming from the infected area

    What Is Kerassentials? How Can It Support Health Skin and Nails?

    According to their official website, the Kerassentials nail health formula is a highly potent formula. It is a doctor-formulated blend of various powerful and beneficial healthy essential oils, vitamins, and more.

    The Kerassentials supplement goes by many names – Kerassentials skin care formula, Kerassentials nail health formula, Kerassentials nail fungus eliminator, and more. Whatever name you use to refer it by, one thing remains constant and that is the special and healthy blend of ingredients they use.

    Kerassentials Oil is an amalgamation of things such as flaxseed oil, almond oil, and lavender oil, among other natural ingredients. All these Kerassentials ingredients make it good for your skin and nails.

    According to various Kerassentials customer reviews, this oil has helped them make their skin healthy by getting rid of dead cells. Even people with sensitive skin and nails have been said to experience some benefits of the Kerassentials oil.

    The Kerassentials oil is an oil-based supplement that you would use just like any other essential oil. It comes with an easy-to-use brush applicator that can be used to apply the oil to your nail bed after taking a shower. It is also recommended that in addition to using the Kerassentials Oil, you should also regularly trim your nails and file it using an emery board.

    What Are The Benefits Of Using Kerassentials Oil?

    The makers of Kerassentials Oil make a few bold claims about what their supplement can do. These claims fall within the range of benefits of the Kerassentials ingredients as well as they are backed by countless Kerassentials reviews, most of which come from real customers.

    The Kerassentials skincare formula is free from any added stimulants or any other harmful substances. If you regularly apply the Kerassentials oil with the help of the enclosed brush applicator, you can experience its benefits quickly.

    The purely natural ingredients used in this supplement can help with fungal infections, especially nail fungus. This is also why it has been referred to as Kerassentials anti-fungal oil in many Kerassentials reviews. These anti-fungal properties can help keep your skin and nails healthy in the long run.

    The Kerassentials nail fungus eliminator, apart from aiding your nail health, and keeping toenail fungus away, can also help rejuvenate your skin and keep you free from any fungal infection that can harm your skin.

    Other than being beneficial for your health, nails, and skin, the Kerassentials formula is also very trustworthy. This was made in an FDA-approved facility that follows GMP codes. And, if you are hesitant about giving it a try, then the 60-day money-back guarantee has you covered. Read on to learn more about the Kerassentials ingredients.

    What Are the ingredients That The Kerassentials Supplement Is Made From?

    Now that we know the benefits of the Kerassentials nail health formula, you must be wondering how is Kerassentials formulated? And the answer of that is – with pure natural ingredients.

    Kerassentials nail fungus eliminator is made using not just natural ingredients but ingredients that are free from chemical treatments of any kind. This is what makes them so potent. Another question that people ask about their ingredients is about their essential oil quality.

    Kerassentials nail health formula only uses the highest quality of essential oils which can help eliminate dead skin cells. All their ingredients are known to be beneficial for your skin health and your nail health.

    In addition to this, the Kerassentials formula also has ingredients that have antibacterial properties, anti-fungal infections, and even anti-inflammatory properties. This is one of the reasons why it is so effective in preventing fungal infections, toenail fungus, and more.

    Here is a list of some of the key active kerassentials ingredients, that tackle the root cause of fungal infection and more.

    Lavender Oil

    Lavender oil, which comes from the lavender plant is one of the most widely used and potent essential oils that you can get your hands on.

    Lavender oil supports your nail keratin. Keratin is one of the major essential nutrients responsible for building healthy nails. It also has the tendency to ward off strong fungal infections and it can help with skin health as well.

    Many people use lavender oil every day by adding it to their locations and creams, but with the help of the Kerassentials formula, you can get all the benefits of this essential oil alongside other beneficial components.

    Tea Tree Oil

    Tea Tree oil is revered for promoting healthy nails and skin. This is one of those rare essential oils that has several health benefits.

    The main use of tea tree oil is that it can help you with fungal infections because it has anti-fungal properties. Tea tree oil can eliminate the microorganisms that can cause nail fungus. This can help your overall health as nail fungus can easily create more health issues when injected while eating.

    Organic Flaxseed Oil

    Another naturally occurring ingredient that is used in the Kerassentials oil is flaxseed oil. Flaxseed is commonly used in many diets that constitute a healthy lifestyle. This is because flaxseed has several health benefits.

    Flaxseed is said to have anti-inflammatory properties which can be great for people with sensitive skin.

    Almond Oil

    Almonds are another nutritious and healthy source of essential components that can help you easily take care of skin infections and nail fungus.

    Almond oil is known for especially helping you with getting glowing skin. In many cultures, it is even tradition to use almond oil for infants to help them develop glowing skin and healthy nails and hair.

    Lemongrass Oil

    Lemongrass oil is another ingredient that is not just good for cooking but it also has a lot of health-related benefits.

    Lemongrass oil acts as a great antifungal and it is also efficient at aftercare. It makes sure that once you have gotten rid of your infections, the nails and skin are healthy again.

    Aloe Vera

    This is one of the most widely used natural plant-based ingredients in many skin supplements and skin creams. Many people use the aloe vera gel that is found inside the aloe vera leaf for getting hydrated skin.

    This very aloe vera gel from real aloe vera leaf is what makes the Kerassentials nail fungus eliminator so good. It adds a natural layer of moisturization to your skin and makes your nails healthier. It also possesses antibacterial properties.

    Apart from these, there are also other supporting ingredients used in the Kerassentials skincare formula. They are:

    • DL-alpha-Tocopherol
    • Isopropyl Palmitate
    • Undecylenic Acid

    that not only helps with skin and nails but also ensures that all the kerassentials benefits are maintained for a long time.

    What Does Science Say About The Ingredients Used In The Kerassentials Formula?

    It was suggested by a research study that fungal diseases primarily enter or occur through nails, and that too the toenail. Another article in a popular scientific journal mentions that fungal infections that are initially in the nails can lead to more issues later on.

    Thus, in order to help effectively deal with these infections, Kerassentials makes use of ingredients such as aloe vera which is said to have anti-fungal properties and antibacterial properties.

    Aloe vera gel also has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties. As research in this paper suggests, if administered correctly, this medicinal plant can inhibit inflammation.

    The use of essential oils in treating various fungal related infections is not new. As this research paper highlights, essential oils have anti fungal properties and they can be very good at helping you with skin related infections,

    Thus, the Kerassentials ingredients are more than useful in helping you keep your nails and skin free from fungal related infections.

    What Do Kerassentials Customer Reviews Say About The Kerassentials Nail Fungus Eliminator?

    You can find several authentic Kerassentials reviews on the Kerassentials official website. Most of these are positive in nature. Here are a few kerassentials reviews that stood out to us:

    “I’ve tried many products to get rid of foot fungus before Kerassentials. I even had one nail removed but when it grew back, the fungus returned. Kerassentials is the only thing that actually helped.” – Brandon Johnson – CI, USA.

    “I’ve been struggling with foot fungus since high school and this is the only thing that helped. I still can’t believe how great it worked!” – Riley Harrison – Wyoming, USA.

    How Much Does The Kerassentials Supplement Cost?

    If you are looking to purchase a bottle or two of the Kerassentials nail fungal eliminator, for you skin and nail health, then look no further than the Kerassentials official website. This website is the only official source where you can buy the real Kerassentials from.

    Here are the different purchase options for this supplement:

    • 1 bottle – 30-Day supply – $69
    • 3 bottles – 90-Day supply $177 (Only $59 per bottle!)
    • 6 bottles – 180-Day supply $294 (Only $49 per bottle!)

    All these are shipped free of costs within the United States.

    Is There Any Money-Back Guarantee?

    When you buy Kerassentials online from their official website, you also get a 60-day money- back guarantee.

    With this 60-day money back guarantee you can get a 100% full refund on your purchase if for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your supplements.

    How To Keep Your Skin And Nails Healthy Naturally?

    Here are some tips to keep your skin and nails healthy naturally:

    1. Use a good moisturizer:

    Moisturizers help protect against dryness and irritation, which can lead to cracked heels and painful calluses. Choose a lotion or cream that contains ingredients like glycerin, aloe vera, and shea butter. These natural oils help soften rough areas and prevent them from cracking.

    2. Protect your feet:

    Wear comfortable shoes that fit well and provide adequate support. Make sure that your footwear is clean and free of debris. If you work outdoors, wear protective boots or cover your feet with socks.

    3. Take care of your feet:

    Exfoliate regularly using a foot scrub made with sugar or salt. Rinse thoroughly after use and pat dry with soft paper towels. Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly before putting on socks or shoes.

    4. Be careful of hot showers:

    Hot water dries out your skin, making it vulnerable to injury. Instead, take a shower with lukewarm water.

    5. Don’t walk barefoot:

    Barefoot walking is associated with increased risk of developing fungus infections. Wear appropriate shoes such as flip flops or sandals that offer protection from sharp objects.

    6. Avoid toe jamming:

    Don’t put your toes together when wearing shoes. It encourages bacteria to build up underneath the nails, causing inflammation and infection.

    7. Wash your hands often:

    Use soap and warm water to wash your hands regularly. Dry them completely with a towel.

    8. Drink plenty of water:

    Drinking enough water helps maintain proper hydration levels. This prevents your body from becoming dehydrated, which can cause dry skin and cracked heels.

    9. Get regular pedicures:

    Regular pedicures remove dead skin cells and stimulate blood flow, which promotes healing.

    10. Stay active:

    Being physically active reduces stress levels and improves overall health. Exercise also strengthens muscles, bones, and tendons, preventing injuries and improving circulation.

    11. Eat right:

    A balanced diet provides essential nutrients that promote healthy skin. Include foods rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, strawberries, peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, and spinach.

    FAQ on Nail And Skin Health Supplements

    What is isopropyl palmitate? What are its benefits?

    Isopropyl palmitate is strongly recommended for people who have oily skin. It has anti-aging properties and acts as an effective cleanser. It removes all traces of dirt, oil, makeup, and other impurities from the skin. It is used by dermatologists to treat acne and rosacea.

    It is also known as IPP (isopropyl palmitoleate).

    What are the benefits of tea tree oil for skin health?

    Tea tree oil is highly beneficial for treating various skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, ringworm, dandruff, and fungal infections. It is also useful for removing stains and blemishes. Tea tree oil is available at any pharmacy.

    How does tea tree oil work?

    The main ingredient in tea tree oil is terpinen-4-ol. Terpenes are volatile compounds found in plants. They play an important role in plant defense mechanisms. The antibacterial activity of tea tree oil comes from its terpene content.

    Can I apply tea tree oil directly onto my face?

    Yes, but it should be diluted first. You can mix one drop of tea tree oil with two drops of olive oil. Then, you can apply this mixture onto affected areas.

    What are the benefits and uses of aloe vera gel?

    Aloe vera gel is widely used for soothing sunburns, burns, cuts, and bruises. It is also applied topically to prevent scarring. Aloe vera gel contains enzymes that help heal wounds and reduce swelling. It is also used to relieve itching caused by insect bites and poison ivy.

    What are the best natural remedies for nail fungus?

    Nail fungus is usually treated with topical medications, such as antifungal creams. However, these treatments may not always provide long-term relief. In addition, they may irritate the skin and cause side effects.

    Other home remedies include using baking soda or vinegar to clean your nails. Vinegar works well because it kills bacteria and fungi. Baking soda neutralizes acidity and alkalinity in the body.

    You can also use apple cider vinegar mixed with water to soak your feet overnight. Apple cider vinegar is very acidic. Soaking your feet in it will kill the fungus.

    What are the most common causes of ingrown toenails?

    Ingrown toenails occur when the edge of the nail grows into the flesh surrounding the nail bed. This happens when there is excessive pressure on the nail. Ingrown toenails typically appear on the big toe. Other factors that contribute to ingrown toenails include poor foot hygiene, wearing shoes that do not fit properly, diabetes, and a history of trauma.

    Ingrown toenails are painful and unsightly. If left untreated, they can lead to infection and even amputation of the toes.

    Final Verdict – Is the Kerassentials Supplement Legit? Can It Really Support Your Nails And Skin?

    So, is the Kerassentials nail health supplement legit? Yes. This supplement is made from pure natural ingredients that are free from chemical treatments and GMOs.

    With regular use of this nail health formula, you can get healthy nails and skin. It gives your nails a natural shine while freeing them from fungal-related infections. It is also great for your skin and we would definitely recommend it.



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