Best $255 Payday Loans Online In 2022: Top 3 Online Lenders Offering Bad Credit Loans with Guaranteed Approval

Getting a loan shouldn’t be as hard as everyone thinks it is. Lately, we have witnessed that we sometimes need extra money for our reasons. We also know that getting a loan can be difficult, considering that the only thing we can offer is our bad credit card scores.

And for that reason only, there are legitimate platforms that won’t have any problems, lending the money we need, whenever we need it.

In our article, we have compared a few platforms and only selected the best $255 payday loans in the marketplace. So, let’s look at them and discover more about them and how they ended on our list.

Top Platforms for $255 Payday Loans

  • MoneyMutual: Overall Best Loan Lenders for Payday Loans, Editor’s Pick
  • BadCreditLoans: Most Popular Loan Company Offering $255 Payday Loans
  • CashAdvance: Reliable Instant Payday Loan Online for Bad Credit Score

#1. MoneyMutual: Overall Best Loan Lenders for Payday Loans, Editor’s Pick


To help people in overcoming the economic crisis brought on them. This online lender marketplace was established in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2010. The processes that these lenders follow are simply too time-consuming for most people, even though there are many payday loans and bad credit loan providers.

When you need, for example, $500 for medical concerns, there is a safe online market for such an unanticipated crisis. Since not all of us have money set aside, MoneyMutual started functioning for this reason.

Between you and the lender, the entire business functions as a bridge. Consequently, the organization does not actually give you the money. You must visit their website to begin the procedure, complete a form, and receive complimentary entry to the lenders.

You are essentially handing your information to the lenders by completing a form, and they will use that information to determine whether or not to grant you the money. Because it has been operating in this economy sector for more than ten years, this company enjoys special recognition.


Your credit does not need to be excellent to obtain a payday loan online. Online specialists for mutual loans are available to work with you to explore your alternatives. Furthermore, you can get same-day loans from some internet lenders.

You could be able to receive your cash the same day you apply if your loan is accepted. If you need money quickly, this can come in. Depending on the time of day you submit your application, you can occasionally receive the money within 24 hours.


With more than two million devoted consumers since MoneyMutual’s founding, this company has achieved outstanding notoriety. Consider how many people they have assisted without considering their poor credit card scores.

Even after several uses, the clients are entirely comfortable with the platform’s functionality. MoneyMutual is the most incredible place to start if you need money quickly. When prospective lenders receive your information, they will analyze it and determine whether you are a good fit.


On the platform, the application procedure is relatively simple. Simply complete a brief form on the MoneyMutual website to look for personal loans for those with terrible credit. You’ll be asked for:

  1. Your ZIP code
  2. Evidence of your monthly incomes
  3. Your name, email address, phone number
  4. Home address and living circumstances
  5. Information about your employer
  6. Account number and backing Infos
  7. ID number or driver’s license
  8. Other information may be required.

If you’re suitable for a payday loan, you’ll be informed from the lender’s side after reviewing your application.


Your personal and banking information is secure with MoneyMutual, thanks to AES256-bit encryption. Daily security risk scans are conducted using TrustedSite as well.

To be fair, MoneyMutual shares your information with third parties and lenders who may later email you with their offers, much like the majority of other lender platforms.

As an outcome, one of the most frequent concerns in reviews of MoneyMutual on BBB is how your mailbox is absolutely overwhelmed with emails and offers.

The good news is that you can decide not to share your personal information with outside parties. Lenders won’t be able to approach you with their offers very easily as a result of it, though.

Application process

You must submit the form on MoneyMutual’s website, as we already mentioned, to ask for financial assistance. Your age, where you reside, and whether or not your monthly income is at least $800 as required will all be inquired about during this process.

All of your records are handled after this initial step. A link to any possible lenders will be hidden on their website if they want to collaborate with you. You and the lender are exclusively involved in transactions throughout the entire procedure.

No one can exploit this. If you accept the terms the lender sets, you may accept and take the loan. You must realize that there is no fee associated with using MoneyMutual once you have figured out how.

Additionally, you are free to spend the borrowed funds however you see fit, whether to pay for school expenses or buy some groceries. Remember that it is in your best interest to repay the money after borrowing it as soon as possible.


  • Great platform for payday loans
  • No extra or hidden fees
  • High secured platform


  • This platform currently doesn’t offer its services in New York

Customer experience

With MoneyMutual, it’s not impossible to get what you want. Many clients appreciate this fast-acting service without taking too much to respond or connect you with the lenders. So overall, there is positive feedback about this great platform.

=> Click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual

#2. BadCreditLoans: Most Popular Loan Company Offering $255 Payday Loans


If your sagging credit score has you down, call out to BadCreditLoans for a warm welcome. Suppose you have a legitimate email address, phone number, and active bank account in addition to a steady monthly income. In that case, the Tacoma-based lender-connecting service will pre-qualify you for a loan.

A practical revolving credit line can be arranged through the company’s lender network and other sorts of loans. It was founded in 1999, and after that, it has grown drastically.

Additionally, you can choose whether to accept the loan offers or keep looking for alternative possibilities.

You can apply for a loan from $500 to $10,000 based on your financial position. A borrower can apply for short-term loans online at BadCreditLoans. You are prompted to provide your basic information on the web platform.

This allows you to choose the best lending offer for your financial requirements. It is free to utilize the website, which provides information about the interest rates charged by lenders in response to loan requests. There is also a due date for the loan payment.


No additional fees are associated with using the BadCreditLoans website, and access is free. The interest and other costs are paid to the lender when a borrower locates a lender through the website. As a result, if borrowers don’t pay back the loan by the deadline, they probably will have to pay an additional fee.

Through agreements with lenders and borrowers, BadCreditLoans makes money. For each successful applicant who uses the platform to submit a loan request, the lender pays BadCreditLoans a commission.


Because it is a reliable source, you can borrow money from this company. Your credit scores are irrelevant and have no bearing on the decision. The business is successful because they are top-notch at what they do, as seen by that.

Additionally, BadCreditLoans can assist you in starting various community service and financial literacy projects. Since this platform only has good words said about them, you won’t have any difficulties understanding why they’re popular once you receive their services.

Application process

The only difference in the application process of the platforms may be that some may require more of your personal information than the others. So, when you choose this platform, you’re going to be asked about the following steps:

  • Your ZIP code
  • Your email address, name, age, phone number
  • Your address, state you’re currently located
  • Your date of birth
  • Your Social Security Number.

You may be asked other questions for you to confirm your identity. However, it will only take a small amount of your time until you answer all the questions that are part of the procedure.


BadCreditLoans using double cheeks to confirm that the measurements taken are secure for the funding. Their organization uses cutting-edge encryption technology to protect the privacy of your data because this industry involves sharing a lot of personal data.

So, it doesn’t matter what type of loan you’ve decided to get; you don’t have to worry about the privacy of your information or how secure this platform is. In their years of working in this area, they never disappointed any of their customers with unexpected leakage in their data.

Additional information

Your income source is requested by BadCreditLoans, which classifies it as self-employment and employment with benefits. The borrower must submit employment details and the length of time they have been employed. Additionally recorded are the terms of compensation and the frequency of alimony or wage streams.

Its purpose is to determine whether a loan repayment is appropriate. You can get assistance from this organization with any problems you may have through a service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Due to the length of time, you will have access to this platform and won’t have to worry about paying back the borrowed funds. You will receive the funding within 24 hours after applying. In light of this, starting here is a great idea if you need a loan immediately.

Although you are free to borrow money for any purpose, it is advised against using it for holidays or other indulgences because of the high monthly fees. If you accept the terms, you should be aware that skipping or paying a payment late could result in additional fees.


  • High secured platform
  • You can cancel anytime you want
  • Easy and very quick process


  • This can’t be classified precisely as a con, but for some people, it’s a problem having to provide a lot of their personal information since they want to get right into getting the loan.

Customer experience

Regarding the reviews about this platform, BadCreditLoans earned 4.6 out of five stars ratings. People appreciate the significant number of lenders they can choose from, making it way easier to find the type of loan they want.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Bad Credit Loans

#3. CashAdvance: Reliable Instant Payday Loan Online for Bad Credit Score


With the help of online payday loan providers, CashAdvance may give immediate cash frequently without running a credit check. To be eligible for one of these loans, you must show evidence of a stable source of income. As a result, you will typically have two weeks to repay the total amount.

Compared to a conventional installment loan, these loans have higher fees and interest rates. Depending on where you live, CashAdvance loan offers vary and are prohibited in some areas. For instance, short-term cash advance loans are not permitted under California’s payday lending rules.

Prior to anything else, let’s be clear that CashAdvance is not a lender. Instead, it is a platform that links a network of lenders with borrowers searching for rapid loans. To obtain loans up to $10,000, employ its services.

Because Annual Percentage Rates (APR) vary from lender to lender, according to CashAdvance, it is impossible to determine what you would be charged for installment loans. In any event, make sure to examine the offer attentively once a lender has responded to your loan request with one.


The Online Lenders Alliance is a trade group whose members must adhere to a set of best practices to guarantee their clients are handled fairly, including cashadvance.com. To help customers in making wise financial decisions, the company’s website also offers educational tools.

You must be a citizen of the United States and at least 18 years old to qualify. You must also consent to a background check that will confirm your employment, and you must have been employed in your current position for at least 90 days.


CashAdvance might be a worthwhile alternative if you need money quickly and have low credit. Furthermore, you must consider the brief duration of an internet loan if you are living paycheck to paycheck. The repayment terms for these are often a few days or weeks.

But since CashAdvance is a reputable brand, we guarantee you that you’ll get your payday loan without being scammed or disappointed. They are a great platform to get the best $255 payday loans when you’re in desperate need of them.

Application process

Like the two platforms before, CashAdvance uses the same criteria for its application process. In only a few minutes, you’ll be done filling out their online form and ready to take the loan after you’ve been qualified for it. You need to provide them with personal information like:

  • Your name
  • Valid email address of yours
  • Information about your job and details about your employer

You may also need to add more details about yourself or answer a few of their questions, but that will only take a couple of minutes of your time.


CashAdvance uses 256-bit encryption since it deals with sensitive, private information. Although encryption is a complicated subject, this is all you need to know: a supercomputer would need years to decipher the data.

By using this highly encrypted method, there’s no chance for any of your personal information to be leaked or used without your knowledge. You can put all your trust into this brand because they care about keeping your information safe and secured.

Additional information

CashAdvance has developed educational materials accessible on its website to assist you in making the best choice and promote responsible lending. It displays details regarding state legislation governing financial advances, for starters. You can use their calculator to check out the rates and charges.

Obtaining a loan is subject to many conditions, which are outlined on the website. To obtain the money you require, the organization collaborates with various lenders. Your full application is made available to many lenders when you submit it on CashAdvance.

This allows them to analyze it and decide whether or not to give you an offer. The company will share a portion of your information with its marketing partners for credit repair or debt relief services if you are not given an offer.

You can use CashAdvance’s services as frequently as you like for no additional cost. After you accept a loan offer, a charge can be due. The fee portion has a few moving pieces which vary depending on your state of residence, your lender of choice, the size of your loan, and other variables.


  • The platform has a fast application process
  • There is an option for customized loans
  • You can get financial tips


  • There are high-interest rates

Customer experience

CashAdvance has an excellent rating of four stars. It currently holds the place in the ten best payday loan sites. Customers recommend this site to other people, saying it’s great when you need a loan. The only complaint they have is the high rates.

=> Click here to visit the official website of CashAdvance

How We Created This List of Same Day Loans

To select the best $255 payday loan platforms, we went through a short process of what we like to call factor-checking. We call it that way because we have a list of things we need to look for to find the best platforms that will lend you the money you need.

Even though the process is simple, we didn’t rush anything, so you can expect an honest response from us regarding the platforms. We’re going to start with the platforms and how we were sure that we’re selecting only the best ones.

As you can see, we’re writing about payday loans with the amount of $255 to be lent to you. Thus, it’s not a large sum, and you’ll probably be eligible to get it, no matter your credit score. Now we’re going to discuss the platforms and their features and other factors that influenced our choice.


We’re going to start with reputation, which was the top factor on the list we looked for when choosing the brands. Reputation is something that every business has. Whether their reputation it’s good or bad it’s up to them.

However, since we are talking about finances, we made sure that all platforms have good reputations and are well organized. We looked into this fact because it’s crucial to choose something that is already known for its good qualities.

By choosing a brand with a good word behind them, you’re saving yourself from any disappointments that may occur later. So yes, you can trust our carefully made decision about choosing the top three best platforms for payday loans.


Their lending policy should be very responsible when it comes to them lending you the loan. Since there may be a lot of lending scammers that you won’t even notice, we had to do the job ourselves. Our job was to find each platform’s policy and how true they stay to their word. So, we’re going to start with their lenders.

The lenders are responsible for everything that is exchanged between both of you. They also are required to tell you every little detail about the lending process that it’s important for you to know. There are specific rules that the lenders should follow, and if you think that something is wrong or doesn’t feel the way it is supposed to.

You can even file a report against the lenders. This helps the platforms upgrade their system, and it shows that they care about you as a client and want to upgrade your experience with their platform to be even better for the next time.

Customer service

How their services treat the clients says a lot about their platform. We are big on treating each client with care and kindness and not only until they get the loan, but every time. As for the starters or first-time clients, the whole process of lending may be confusing and not understandable.

For this reason alone, the platforms we’ve selected can contact their customer service to resolve any issues that appear on your way. You can even use the report option where you think that the lenders are scamming you. So, nothing can go unnoticed, and you can easily report anything that looks sketchy to you.

Transparent website

We found it very essential that all of the three platforms can supply you with everything you need by simply going to their website. This will save you a lot of your time instead of going to the banks and waiting until you’re approved or not.

We loved the fact that in just a short amount of time which is less than 24 hours, you’ll be able to receive your needed loan. This is great, especially if you’re in an emergency.

Since you’re reading this article, you only need a loan amount of $255, but if you sometimes need a more considerable sum, you can get it by choosing one of the three brands we’ve selected.

We also looked at the interest rates and made sure that they are among the lowest, so you won’t be repaying a lot of money when returning the loan.

Things to Consider When Searching for Best $255 Payday Loan Places

Aside from “how did we make a list,” here’s a follow-up of what you should look for when selecting your desired and preferred platform for the best $255 payday loans.

You can always increase the list of factors on your own when you’re doing your research, but we’re also going to help you select the best platform possible. So, we created this guide to help you in the search; therefore, here are the factors you should consider:

Your needs for the loan

Making a plan is not time-consuming and will actually help you later. People frequently overlook this when applying for a loan. We occasionally don’t have much time to think about things since we need money immediately or for emergencies.

But, if you need an internet loan for a quick project, such as fixing your car or painting your house, you should sit down and establish a solid strategy first. To plan your spending for your upcoming months, create a budget.

People frequently overborrow, earn more money than they need, or have the ability to repay. Better loan terms can occasionally be obtained by counter-offering a loan agent smaller sums of money. So, respond with better terms and less money if a loaner offers more than you require.

Interest rates

Therefore, hefty interest rates when obtaining bad credit loans are essentially inevitable. However, you can be surprised when comparing the interest rates to those offered by banks. As previously stated, persons with good credit ratings receive the same rates as those found in banks.

However, if they can secure loans, those with bad credit receive them at significantly worse rates. As a result, using online loans may be a wonderful place to start. The lenders add these loans to your credit history if you repay them in whole and on time, or even before the due date.


There may be additional requirements set forth by the lender. These platforms frequently permit their lending agents to have additional requirements. You should anticipate a default requirement, which is evidence of a consistent income or, at the very least, of some savings on hand that you could use to pay back a loan.

So, be ready to provide some of this kind of data. If you don’t fulfill their eligibility conditions, then finding the best loan site for you doesn’t mean anything. On most websites, the application forms themselves list the eligibility conditions.

This is a major bad sign if a site’s needs are not plainly and easily accessible for you to read and comprehend. Never reveal the requirements after the fact so that you can quickly determine whether you qualify or not.


The most important and first thing to consider is a brand’s or website’s reputation. You must look for businesses with a strong reputation because sending personal information and money over the internet might be risky. So, a little background check won’t hurt you. It will save you from any further disappointment.

Loans’ conditions

You receive a loan agent’s offer of loan terms after applying for one. You should always anticipate loan conditions, regardless of how big or small the loan is.

They will always attempt to pull a scam on you, even if you visit a bank or other creditor that isn’t online. You can feel fairly secure with the websites on our list because they only collaborate with the best network of loaners available.

However, you should exercise extra caution if you decide against using one of the websites on our list. Loaners hold no secrets. Since the rates are often fixed, they won’t increase or decrease as you make monthly payments.

Unexpected Additional fees

Paying additional fees to your bank is a typical practice; these fees may be for late payments or joining a particular club. These kinds of unexpected costs are nothing new. There are no additional fees associated with the websites we suggest, not even for completing a form or anything related to your loan.

Lenders may occasionally tack on extra, hidden fees if you use dubious platforms. Although having some penalty fees is a fairly common option for lenders.

Therefore, you should prepare to incur a penalty if you don’t pay your monthly payments on time. It goes without saying that a lender should be open and honest about this and include it in his conditions.

If, however, this information is withheld from you and is only disclosed after you have agreed to borrow money from him, this is unethical, and you have good standing to leave the situation. Up to 6% of the interest rate may be applied as a penalty, which is quite a sizable sum. Therefore, bear these extra fees while applying for an online payday loan.

FAQs: $255 Payday Loans Online No Credit Check

What’s the definition of a payday loan?

Payday loans often range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. Each state has a maximum amount for this form of loan, in contrast to borrowing a greater quantity over a longer period.

They are typically scheduled to be paid back in one lump sum at the end of either two weeks or a month, and the interest rates are incredibly high, frequently between 100 percent and 700 percent annual percentage rate. As a result, they are accessible to consumers who might not have a great credit record.

In fact, some payday loan organizations even lend money to customers without credit history. These loans are promoted differently across the country, but if you’re considering a cash advance, deferred deposit, deferred presentment, or credit access, you’re essentially taking out a payday loan.

How does the online loan application work?

Applying for a loan online is really simple using $255 payday loans online. In most cases, you will obtain a decision within a few minutes after providing our lenders with some information regarding your financial situation and personal details.

You will finalize your credit agreement with your preferred lender directly if your loan application is approved. Your credit provider will do an affordability check and a soft credit search before approving your loan to ensure that you fulfill the criteria for their decision-making process. Depending on your outcome, you can receive the funds in your bank account that same day.

What scores should I have to get a payday loan?

Various approval criteria apply to different lenders. For instance, a bank or credit union might not consider a borrower’s loan application if their credit score is anything less than excellent.

Because they offer more lenient acceptance criteria, non-traditional lenders, like the organizations affiliated with the lending networks mentioned above, may accept your application even if you have a poor credit history score below 580.

A credit check may not be a necessary part of approval by all payday lenders. An alternative is that a payday lender will want evidence that you have enough income to pay back the amount by your next payday. Online, in person at a neighborhood payday loan location, or a check-cashing shop are all places where you can apply for these loans.

What’s the definition of credit score?

A credit score is something you have if you’ve ever applied for a loan or dealt with a financial institution. Scores are often based on the loan amounts you take out and the interest rate you pay. Therefore, improving your credit ratings by making on-time or overdue interest payments.

A federal credit organization that evaluates your credit will provide you with scores, sometimes known as FICO ratings. Scores are between 300 and 850, with 300 denoting the lowest and 850 denoting the highest.

How can I improve my scores?

To achieve this, strive to obtain reasonable credit that you can repay with your available funds. Second, make an effort always to have on-time rate payments. It’s also a simple trick to pay more than your rate; for example, if your monthly charge is roughly $40, spending $50 or $60 might do wonders for your credit rating.

How long should I wait until I receive the loan?

You’ll often have the money from your online loan by the next working day. Therefore, if you complete your loan after business hours on a Friday, weekend, or holiday, you could have to wait until Monday.

For a price, some online lenders offer speedy processing. With this service, you can almost immediately have money in your account.

How long is the repayment process?

The regulations governing the repayment of a payday loan vary by state. These regulations were established to offer financial security from the payday loan sector. Many jurisdictions only permit payday loans to last for a maximum of 31 days, even though certain states mandate loan durations of at least ten days.

The primary reason for this is that if you prolong the loan for more than one month, the increased interest rates of these loans might become rather expensive.

Additionally, each state has a cap on the amount you can borrow for a payday loan; this cap typically ranges between $300 and $500.

However, if you don’t pay the debt as arranged, payday lending may become a predatory means to an end. A payday loan is not the solution if you are drowning in debt and unable to make payments. Consultation with a credit counseling organization may be the next sensible action.

Conclusion: Get Same Day Payday Loans for Bad Credit

In conclusion, whether you need quick cash or are just exploring your options, online payday loans might be what you need in your life. They are easy to get, and you don’t have to do much instead of filling out their online form.

So, even when you’re too busy to go to the bank, you can make the application from your office. All the platforms are required to keep your personal information safe, and you won’t have any problem with having peace that nothing from your personal data can be leaked.

We even gave you some helpful tips on improving your bad scores in the frequently asked questions part.

Therefore, you can choose from our best $255 payday loans list and get help for your emergencies.

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