Obama’s campaign of political disinformation

Wikipedia defines disinformation as the deliberate spreading of false information in order to deflect voter support from an opponent. Obama’s campaign has engaged in attacks on the credibility and character of anyone who would dare challenge his campaign, but it has also distorted the truth of Obama’s political agenda.

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Out of My Mind 4

Economiccrisis certainly not the fault of the little guy

            Some wouldhave you believe it’s the little guy’s fault we are in this current economicmess which is all too quickly spreading beyond our shores to the rest of theworld. Some would also have you believe it was those crafty little guys takingadvantage of the poor naive mortgage companies who didn’t really want to lendmoney to people who may not be able to pay it back should they start to jack upthe interest rate on the little guy’s loan. Who are they trying to convince?

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Out of My Mind 3

Freemarket not turning out to be so free after all

            Sothe U.S. House decided to reject the unprecedented bailout plan cooked upbetween the current administration and a Congress trying to stop what was beingdescribed by Treasury Secretary Paulson as the second coming of the GreatDepression.

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Financial disaster direct result of Democrat oversight

Whether we are about to experience a complete collapse of our financial system is not completely clear. The stock market has been up and down like a roller coaster since the politicians forecast a complete “meltdown” if their bailout wasn’t approved.

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<p align="right"><i> Photo by Gary DeVon</i></p><p>    My GS on assignment at Lost Lake Campground while covering Oroville students on their Pioneer Trail Ride.</p>

Out of My Mind 2

High gas prices got you down? Get a bike

&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp; Just a few minutes staring out the window of our Main and Central office will tell you there is a new trend in the area – people trading four wheels for two. Sure, it is summer, but gas prices seem to be the main influence on what folks are driving, or should I say riding, nowadays.

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Out of My Mind 1

Fourth of July about Independence, escape from tyranny

&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp; As we approach the Fourth of July and enjoy a nice barbecue, rodeo or fireworks – maybe all three, take a moment at some point during the day to remember just why we are celebrating.

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Drill Here Drill Now

View Newt Gingrich’s plan to lower gas prices.

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Out of My Mind

TheFourth of July is one of my favorite celebrations of the year and here in theNorth Okanogan we’re lucky to have both the Chesaw Fourth of July Rodeo and theOroville Community Fireworks at Deep Bay Park.

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Roll On Columbia, Roll On:

Somewhere along the way certain factions have tried to sell us on the idea that hydropower is not a clean, renewable source of energy — yet every year the cycle of snow in the mountains and melt in the spring renews the waters that our hydroelectric system turns into clean, electric power. Because of this cycle and the mighty Columbia River and its tributaries we in the Pacific Northwest from B.C to Oregon, are truly blessed.

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May well have been another way

Dear Editor,

Why was no one hugging that very old, very big tree that has been a landmark on Highway 20 since anyone around here can remember?

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