Remove draconian, anti-USPS requirement

Dear Editor, The political “destruction” of an institution, mandated to exist by the U.S. Constitution, is coming to a location...

Dear Editor,

The political “destruction” of an institution, mandated to exist by the U.S. Constitution, is coming to a location near you. Why is this happening? What are some real consequences of the loss of the United States Postal Service (USPS)?

In the 1970’s, because of the rising political power of private “for profit” corporations such as Fed-EX, the USPS became “partially” divorced from the U.S. government. The USPS was ordered by congress to implement a “non-profit” business plan which would modernize itself and at the same time become totally free of “all” taxpayer support needed to accomplish this modernization, and the operation of the USPS itself. There was a catch to this legislation; Congress gave itself full oversite and bureaucratic control over the daily decisions and fate of the USPS. Through hard work and diligent enlightened leadership, the USPS was able to weather this storm, and became the most efficient, fiscally sound, unionized, and efficient shipper of mail and other goods, in the United States. All the profits of the USPS were targeted to maintain a high quality of service and the surplus was sent to the common coffers of the people of the United States of America.

In 2006, and in the final minutes of the Republican control of the U.S. Congress, a law was passed and quickly signed into law by the sitting Republican president. This law, disguised as USPS improvement, was actually designed to destroy the USPS. The law, and draconian poison pills within, required that the USPS fund 70 years of USPS worker health and retirement benefits, in just 10 years. No other public entity, private business, or corporation, in recorded human history, has been hobbled by a fiscal decree like this. As a result the USPS appears to be losing massive amounts of money. The uninformed U.S. voter is led to believe, by trusted media outlets, that the likes of “financially flush” Fed-Ex and UPS should be allowed to take over all mail delivery.

If there is not a massive public outcry, in support of removal of the 2006 anti-USPS legislation from the books, those who live in Holly could well be forced to go to a mailbox in Bremerton, for their mail, packages, and mail order prescription medicine. If you think that the likes of “For Profit” corporations such as Fed-EX and UPS will deliver your mail to your home or “remote” mail box, for what you are paying now, think again.

U.S. Congressman Darrell Issa, (R) 49th California, is leading this persecution, and apparently will not relent until after the last shovel full of dirt is delivered to the cold grave of the USPS. Perhaps some of our State Republican and Democratic political delegations to the US Congress will find the courage to join us and get “very” vocal in support of “removing” this draconian 2006 anti-USPS legislation.

Yours truly

Cliff Kincaid

Bremerton, Wash.

7 thoughts on “Remove draconian, anti-USPS requirement

  1. free google book or book to read, The post Office, its past record , its present condition and its potential relation to the new world era, Daniel Calhoun Roper, chairperson of the United States Tarriff Comission and First Assistant Post Master of the United States Post Office, 1913-1917.

  2. In 1935 the right to unionize was passed in to law by the President, and social security , medicare, medicade, minnium wage laws, the fair labor standards act of 40 hours a week as a work week was passed in to law, as well as health and retirement benifits and child labor laws within the United States.

  3. In 1970 the great Postal Strike took effect, by United States Postal Office workers, effectively shutting down the mails, and putting on strike postal workers, who were either working 3 jobs to survive economically while being underpaid as workers, or on welfare while working for the USPO. Collective Bargaining was reenforced and the no strike law went in to effect for Unionized Postal Workers. The United States Postal Office was changed to the United States Postal Service.

  4. in 2000 , 2002 a increase for retirement systems took effect from postal employees checks overfunding fers by 15 billion and csrs by 140 billion.

  5. the tax increase was made under the 1997 budget reconciliation act and Postal employees were thanked for their sacrifice by both the President and congress for budget reasons only.

  6. it was removed from the Presidents budget in 2002, and new legislatiion becgan to take place called the Postal Accountibilty and Enhancement Act, of 2006, passed by voice vote and effectively taking 5.5 billion a year from postal profits that the United States Postal Employees helped to earn, setting it aside in escrow from 2006 until 2016 for postal employees not born or working for the USPS, and currently stands around 47 billion.

  7. here are links to the postal situation: APWU 3800, first area tricounty Local, PA, library , stress in the workplace articals, ' How the ongoing violation of the USPS guiding principles are creating a toxic work enviornment, copywritten 2008, www. bill– misc, search to find online and go to elevator page, and read ' phoney excuses for diveriting usps revenues, and myths versus facts. Go to search and put in ALEC/Koch Cabal The Privitization of USPS for Ups and FedEx, bob sloan, vltp. net, april 2012, go to, Tim McCown artical, june 2012, ' behind all the schemes and lies of the privitization of USPS, go to Michigan American Postal Workers Union and search and find the artical ' the truth about the Postal Crisis, go to, go to search and find , Why Congress Should Address Quickly The Retirement Funding Issues Affecting The Nations Postal System.

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