Not a good deal

Dear Editor,

The current nuclear agreement (touted as the best the US State Dept. could wring out of the Iranian government) is reminiscent of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain coming home to Britain from Germany in Sept. 1938 and stating he had negotiated “peace for our time” with Hitler. Less than a year later, Britian was at war with Germany because of the German gov ernment’s continued aggression and their invasion of Poland. My English mother lived through that period. She told me how desperate the English were for peace, and how betrayed they felt afterwards.

When the Iranian government blatantly announces to the world over and over again that its goal is death to Israel and the US (the Little Satan and the Big Satan) while at the same time sitting at a negotiation table, you do not hand them a loaded gun. If we remove sanctions from Iran giving them access to billions of dollars, we in effect have even provided the bullets for the gun. Iran will not need to develop a nuclear weapon with access to that kind of money–they can just buy one!

What do we get from this agreement? We still have Americans being held hostage in Iran, a verification schedule that makes us look like idiots, and a state dept. willing to give the Iranian government huge sums of money for doing virtually nothing. And Kerry and Obama are claiming this is the best they can do.

I would therefore suggest Congress does this–veto the whole deal until they give us our American hostages and are willing to agree to verifiable constraints and no secret side deals. If Obama vetoes a congressional “no” vote, then Congress you need to stand up and override that presidential veto. The safety of your citizens and your country is at stake.

Chrystal Perrow