No accountability at PUD

Dear Gary,

A public utility is an organization with interests opposed to private affairs, accessible and shared by all its members.

Did the public have anything to say when the administrators spent millions of dollars to build a palace for the king? Did they have anything to say when they spent millions of dollars installing meters that we are told are not accurate?

They had to tear down a a perfectly good serviceable building to make room for all the cars of the people hired to sit and read the unreliable meters. What is the reasoning for the big raises of all the employees? Why do they want to close some of the offices in some of the cities?

How often must they be told, we do not want a new power line to the Methow, nor do we want to spend millions of dollars to build a powerhouse on the Similkameen River which would probably triple our electric bills to pay for it. We have been told the whole idea is stupid by people who have studied the proposal.

Isn’t it about time to put a halt to all the irresponsibility of the administration of our PUD and give some consideration to the public’s concerns? They are acting as if it is their private business and they are going ahead with their grandiose endeavors whether we like it or not and damn the costs.

Maybe we should recall the present commissioners and vote into office some people with accountability.

Roy E. McDougall