Never intended to offend with letter

I guess its time to defend myself once more. Cynthia Dickerson, I am sorry if my last letter offended you, or any of your family. That was never the intent. You read a message meant for the masses and took it as an attack on your grandson. Re-read the last paragraph, this time with emphasis on the words “this” and “still.” I was not referring to your grandson; I was referring to those who refuse to learn from such tragedies.

You are right though, years ago I was a stupid idiot myself at times, as most of us have been. I’ve since learned through tragedies and public campaigns that the consequences of drinking and driving are not worth it, whatsoever.

If your grandson ever faces the decision of drinking and driving again and he “still” does it, what words would you use for his actions? But I’m sure he won’t.

As far as questioning my spiritual integrity, right again; you don’t know me. But I understand where you’re coming from. We’re all human. I’m very sorry if your grandson is suffering, as I’m very sorry Justin is gone. If he were still with us, that letter would have never existed. Please let this and him rest.

Thank you,

Dan Dixon