Letters to the Editor, October 6 issue

There’s a mess coming soon

Dear Editor,

In response to the Old CoffeeDrinkers questions that begin with “What has this country come to…”I would like to say we have come to The American Divine Right of Discard. Thisis a point in time where as a complacent culture, some among us find itpolitically correct to discard the warnings, encouragements and wisdom of thosewho sacrificed their lives, fortunes and honor for the cause of liberty.

In the struggle of the War of 1812,Francis Scott Key penned a song that in its first verse asks the real question.Key, in the middle of forth verse makes the proclamation that is instrumentalto the founding and preservation of this nation, but for the most part has beendiscarded. A nation that was founded on the principles of the Bible is going tohave a tough time trying to be great while discarding the elements that made itfirst good; Alexis de Tocqueville understood this long ago.

Returning a godvernment (which isa government that tries to be god in the lives of the governed) to the confinesof the Constitution isn’t going to be done through tolerance, concession,compromise or any other political game playing, these are the follies that havebrought us to this point, and marching together with a leader who sees ateleprompter as a compass to the promised land has proven to be short-sightedas well. Rebuilding this nation is going to take more than changing leaders, itwill demand a return to those principles upon which this country was founded.Fitting our nation with a new leader without returning to those principles willprove to be like putting a disposable diaper on a newborn, you know there is amess coming soon, we have seen it many times.

Steve Lorz