Letters to the Editor, May 26

The rats can run

            Thanksto Bin Laden and his cohorts we now have immigration personnel who seem to beafflicted with paranoia as they suspect everyone may be a terrorist. Secretpolice who monitor our phones and computers and our dealings we have with thebanks. Police who conspire with businesses that offer grand prizes and when yougo to collect you are scrutinized and interrogated. Airport police, busmonitors, the list goes on and on.

Evidently the Fourth Amendment tothe Constitution means nothing to some of them. They demand you be searched anddelight in confiscating whatever they feel like. They should be weeded outbecause some are overly officious, some are rude and some are arrogant. If theywant respect they must show respect to you.

They should be taught whatterrorist looks like. It is not a little old lady from Canada who wants to cometo the U.S. to play bingo and then is removed from the bus and left stranded.It is not a teenage Canadian girl whose folks gave her some money and a roundtrip airplane ticket from Spokane to New York to visit relatives and is deniedentry to the U.S. for some unknown reason. Two actual occurrences of many.

It does no good to complain becausethey are so deeply entrenched they ignore their regulators with impunity andthe regulators ignore you.

I must admit they are doing anextraordinary job, thanks to their vigil. There have not been any moreterrorist attacks on U.S. soil since 9-11-2001 and God bless them, but there isa vast need for forbearance and use of common sense. As soon as they terminateBin Laden’s successor Ayman al Zawahiri our protectors can relax a bit. Therats can run but they can’t hide.

Roy McDougall


Hey Bill

PoliticsMay Trump Looks, Personality in Matters of the Heart.

Iam going to vote for you for Prez per today’s Echo editorial. Last time I votedfor Bill Jenkins so we could straighten out poor intelligence. Let’s havecoffee next Monday at 8:15 a.m. at Huckleberry at golf course to plan nationalstrategy.

Seeyou there

Chris Ericksen


Publisher’sresponse: Thanks Chris for the vote of support. I can’t make next Mondaybecause I’ll be out of town but I’ll keep you informed.

Please Run

WOW!Great article in the Echo! Dean and I would do whatever it takes to help you!Do run please! The way you write and think! Get in there Bill and get inoffice.

Countus in. We are serious!

Lindaand Dean Johnson



Youhave my support on 5 of your basic 8. That’s a start.

But,when was the last time you Googled exactly what it takes to toss one’s hat intothis ring? This is not what the founders had in mind when they set out therequirements for seeking the highest office in the land. The position ofPresident of the United States has been sold to the two-party system. The GOPand the DEM’s own it lock-stock and barrel.

Couldbe what Ralph Nader has been telling us really is true: Ain’t no differencetwixt the two except lobbyist $’s.

Doyou know, that to get your name on the ballot in all 50 states you will need apetition in each state approving you as a candidate – unless your Partyendorses you?

InCalifornia for example, the petition requires that you have 160,000 names ofendorsees in order to be on the Calif. National Election ballot. You may ofcourse, form a political party of your own, but that too means you must meetsome GOP/DEM defined requests.

Iknow all this because I googled intending to join Newt and file to run forPresident.

Youwere going to be my Press Secretary – but not my speechwriter.



Presidential run

HeyBill, if you decide to run, make sure your Tiffany’s credit card bill is fullypaid off before you declare. Better look elsewhere than to Sarah Palin. She istoo busy raking in the big bucks on the chicken dinner circuit to be a seriouspolitician. As a life-long Democrat I probably wouldn’t get an interview for acabinet post but if I sent you a case of your favorite red wine could I get anight in the Lincoln Bedroom if you are elected?

Withlove from your favorite buddy in Boise,



Good afternoon Bill

Redmeat for your readers?

Perhapsletters to the publisher have been diminished lately. Today’sMirror should correct that situation.

Yourliberal wetside friend,