Letters to the Editor, June 14, 2012

Limit personal attacks

Dear Editor,
My last child graduated from Oroville High School over 20 years ago. In spite of that I have maintained a fairly consistant contact and interest in Oroville schools.
The school I see is far different from the one portrayed in recent letters to the editor. I find the administrators not only capable and approachable but involved in the community. Teachers, with the exception of the occasional malcontent that is found in any workforce, appear highly qualified and dedicated. Most of the students I have contact with are articulate, polite and respectful. I have never felt uncomfortable attending an event at the school. (I encourage people to check out some of the amazing senior projects).
My issue is not with the writers of these letters, although if they are interested in improving the school they could use some of this energy by participating in a volunteer organization such as PTO, Dollars For Scholars, Booster Club or HOSTS.
My problem is with the content of some of these letters in relation to the Gazette-Tribune’s letters policy, which cites clarity, accuracy and fairness. A numbers of these rambling letters (clarity) contains statements that are either unsupported or highly questionable.
More disturbing are the personal attacks that range from negative to down right vicious. It is understood that public officials are open to scrutiny and criticism, however, there is a fine line between criticism and slander.
If the Gazette-Tribune is going to continue to publish this barrage of negative letters I feel you have a responsibility to verify prominent statements (accuracy) and limit personal attacks (fairness).
Thank you.
Dick Garner
P.S. Go Hornets!

Community helps WWII Vets

Dear Editor,
I would like to thank the wonderful people from Oroville and the participants of the Run for the Border who attended my Oroville’s 2nd Annual Nacho Dinner (and the Eagles Members who let me use the hall).
I really appreciate the support this community has given our WWII Veterans. Because of everyone’s generosity, Inland NorthWest Honor Flight now has another $1600 (my total is well over $21,000 now!).
It was great to see some of the WWII Veterans there who have benefited from everyone’s generosity: Mr. Allen, Mr. Emry, Mr. Stockwell, (missed you Mr. Brazle) and to see Mr. Hirst, a Veteran waiting for his flight. Every penny really does help. If you couldn’t attend and would like to make a donation, or would like to learn more about INWHF, please contact me.
Thanks again, I can’t wait for next year to do it all again!
Justin Peterson
Chewelah, Wash.

Invincible Ignorance Party

Dear Editor,
Here’s a winning idea for 2016. Donald Trump for President and Steve Lorz for Vice President on the Invincible Ignorance Party ticket. Prove to me that the Sun is the center of the Solar System and that Hydrogen is the lightest of the elements.
Pax vobiscum,
John F. Connot
Everett, Wash.

The sheriff levied

Dear Editor,
A few people have asked me why I’m addressing the sheriff in the newspaper? I reply because when I go into their office and ask them for a written response to my paperwork they do nothing but look at me and smile.
When the sheriff levies on something they enter a contract. If they levy on a car to sell it they have to make sure of the value as well as the VIN number, make, model and year. When the sheriff sold my home they didn’t have the information correct. On Dec. 12, 2007 they printed in the newspaper, based on a survey that can’t be recorded, that my home is off my property. They say my home is on a vacant lot that has no physical address, my home is on 288 Howard End Rd. In the sale they avoid the use of parcel numbers because if they used parcel numbers they would have to acknowledge contracts and permits as well as the fact that the plaintiffs have no legal claim to Highway 20 and never did. After 25 years of these developers wasting my money as well as the courts time and wasting countless tax dollars I can only look back from poverty to more poverty in the future. For a moment let’s forget about me always being blamed for these peoples’ problems and focus on who we blame when someone gets hurt of killed. The sheriff is shielding the misconduct of the court. I can’t find a lawyer that cares and I’m asking the public for help in finding one that does care. Do you really want judges to decide where the roads connect to highways?
Thank you,
Roger Rylander

A future and a hope

Dear Editor,
Today I’m writing because I can’t help but think of the church being built out at East Oroville Road. It’s been a slow process but you know what? Any good work is done in time. Rather it be in ourselves, our home, our church, our community, our state, government, country and world. If it’s not good it fall eventually. I think about Valley Christian Fellowship and I see many people being taught something and until they are taught the church won’t be completed because God’s doing the teaching. This is that way in our own lives.
Did you know Randy McAllister went from hardly nothing to having a home and discipleship that is thriving in good fruit? They work hard for God’s purpose and I know it’s not easy, no good work is. They have overcame great adversity in their obedience to God. They remain humble and this community is done in gratitude, prayer, reading the word and action. I’ve learned this on my own journey. When I rush around I always end up back where God wants me and I’m always a mess. Let me say it’s been insane to walk into sanity.
I was also thinking how my parents live so simple. They are still building their home years later! But they own their home and that’s so free to not live in debt. They help people and they too do it in obedience to God.
Now community, I’m so passionate about who saved my life from death. He gave me mercy and the mercy given was a miracle 20 years in prison turned to five years. So yes, I’m gonna shout it out and write about it. A way that gives freedom, healing, hope, love, peace and life. My Grandpa Ed spoke in his southern way and so I’ll speak in my way as well.
A man who’s a friend of mine and Jack’s said I am a Bible thumper! I was so honored to be called that! I’ve been and have been called some bad stuff. So thank you all who say those good things! Honestly Gary, I don’t know much and I’ve got lots to learn. What I know is, just like that church, I just want whatever I do and say and become to be God’s doing that a way I got a chance in life to make a difference for the good and my community, which is Oroville, that means so much to me.
So many have helped me and guided me along the way. From the ambulance crew when I darn near cut my wrist off, to the police officers who’d give me rides home or to jail, which saved me, to the people at stores who’d smile at me, Dick at the Pharmacy who’d ask me how I was with genuine concern, to the mail lady Jan who talked to me about hope, to Peggy, Tracy, Carol and others who never stopped being my friend. To Jack, my spouse, who told me not much and in his silence and love I grew to be independent. I could go on and on with those I love and have impacted my life.
I guess what I’m wanting to impress upon you is don’t rush what is good. I have a life of amends to make for all I’ve done and I believe I’ll make them all in God’s
timing. Just the other day I ran into a lady at an AA meeting 10 years later in Missoula, Mont., I was able to make an amend. My God is big! The promise of living right living for Christ is priceless.
Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.”
God Bless.
His servant,
Sabrina Rounds
Missoula, Montana