Letters to the Editor – July 16 issue

Comp. Plan moving forward,still needs improvement


Dear Editor,

Citizensfrom across Okanogan County applaud the Planning Commission’s efforts to updatethe Comprehensive Plan. The first two drafts of the document do not representall of the Citizens of Okanogan County and considerable enhancements werenecessary. 

Asmembers of the commission you have put in countless hours of your personal timeto revise this document, as have many citizens of Okanogan County. The revisedComprehensive Plan will have massive ramifications on the citizens and propertyowners of Okanogan County well into the future. That is why it is imperative weget it right the first time.

Weappreciate many of the revisions you requested at the last hearing thatspecifically improve the protections of Okanogan County property owners.  It is our sincere hope that the third draftwhen published contains those revisions and hope you will continue to improvefuture versions of the Comprehensive Plan in the same manner ensuring localcontrol of the plan.

We werepleased to see the Planning Commissions request for legal review to determineif Okanogan County will be bound to the Growth Management Act by accepting CTEDgrant funds and by utilizing terms only found in GMA.  Please ensure that the Comprehensive Plan that you recommend tothe county commissioners only complies with RCW 36.70 the Planning Enabling Actand does not use terms and structure only found in GMA.

Werequest that you allow the citizens to review the third draft of the plan andallow a 30 day comment period as citizens may still have concerns regarding thethird draft of the plan. It may be necessary to have future drafts of theComprehensive Plan.

Weemphasize that the Comprehensive Plan is a policy document and not a regulatorydocument. The Comprehensive Plan must be completed by itself first, as everyother land use ordinance being deliberated receives it’s authority from thepolicies of the Comprehensive Plan. Trying to update the zoning code before the completion of theComprehensive Plan is impractical.  Without a complete and accurate Comprehensive Plan you cannot completethe additional ordinances being deliberated as they receive their authority anddirection from the Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan should beconsidered the Constitution of Okanogan County.

Thefollowing associations, their members and the undersigned offer our expertiseand guidance to the planning commissioners, planning staff and electedofficials as we navigate this most complex and critical document.


Jon Wyss, President Okanogan Horticulture Association; SarahKretz, President Okanogan County Farm Bureau; Dan Beardslee, North Central HomeBuilders Association; Ray Campbell, Nicole Kuchenbuch, Larry Campbell, DickEwing, Dan Barth, Parker Barth, Michael Zoretic, Dean Neff, Trinity and TrampasHightower


Founding Fathers allowed roomfor ‘change’


Dear Editor,

Idisagree with a paragraph that appeared in the Okanogan Valley Gazette-Tribune(7/9/09) column by Joyce Emry. She states, “Our country was established 233years ago and could still be doing okay by the rules that were laid down, butwe now have those that think changes should be made.”

I haveincluded in this response a list of changes that were added onto the originalConstitution, which was ratified in 1788. Absent from the original documentwere our so called “Bill of Rights” (Article 1 to Article 10), which includedseparation of state and religion, freedom of speech, press, assembly andpetition the government, right to keep and bear arms, search and seizure, due processof law, speedy trial, which was ratified in 1791. I hope the paragraph in yourcolumn doesn’t indorse slavery, which was legal until changes were made to ourConstitution making it illegal (Article 13, Ratified in 1865)? I would alsopoint out that women did not have the right to vote in the original document,until change came in the form of Article 19 of the Constitution, ratified in1920, surely your not against that?

For toolong our Constitution has been adopted by the political right wing as adocument that hasn’t changed since it’s creation. The reality is the oppositeas indicated by amendments, which started with the Article 1-10 (Bill ofRights) (1791) up to Article 26, which gives citizens 18-years and older theright to vote (1971).

The FoundingFathers realized the shortcoming of the original document but compromise wasneeded to move forward and that some groups were left out and that currentconditions might change; they therefore included in the original Constitution aprocess which to amend the original document (Article 5).

Iconclude that if you’re against change – you’re against the thinking of ourFounding Fathers, which created the Constitution.

Proposed:1776 – Declaration of Independence (Adopted July 4); 1777 – Articles of Confederation,ratified 1781; 1787 – Constitution of the U.S.A., ratified 1788; 1789 Article1-10 (Bill of Rights), ratified 1791; 1794 – Article 11, ratified 1795; 1803 -Article 12, ratified 1804; 1865 – Article 13, ratified 1865; 1866 – Article 14,ratified 1868; 1869 – Article 15, ratified 1870; 1909 – Article 16, ratified1913; 1912 – Article 17, ratified 1913; 1917 – Article 18, ratified 1917; 1919- Article 19, ratified 1920; 1932 – Article 20, ratified 1933; 1933 – Article21, ratified 1933; 1947 – Article 22, ratified 1951; 1960 – Article 23,ratified 1961; 1962 – Article 24, ratified 1964; 1965 – Article 25, ratified1967; 1971 – Article 26, ratified 1971.

pectfully submitted,

Chris Zaferes



As patriotic as you can get


Dear Editor,

I receiveno thrill from deceit; I do take pride in truth. Believe this or not, it’slegit. While surfing channels on the idiot box, I caught eye on the NASAchannel a vintage clip from an Apollo moon mission, with Lunar Roverhighlights. This brought to mind something from the personal past, quitebizarre and chuckle worthy.

Myfather, God bless and rest with him, worked the Lazy-B (Boeing) for 33 years.He worked his way through the ranks to be an aerospace inspector during Apolloand afterwards. As such, he was privileged to inspect the rover, contracted toBoeing via NASA. After completion of construction and inspection, the immediatefamily members of those involved with the project were allowed to come and see,touch and sit in the “moon car.” My brother, Dave, was living with my father atthe time in Seattle, while I was in Oroville. He told me this when I next sawhim and I heard it many times after as he related this to others.

Whilesitting in the seat of the soon to be launched rover he realized a once in abillion lifetimes’ opportunity. He was chewing gum, Double Mint, and it hadlost it’s zest. Looking around, no one was paying attention, with only a fewpeople even around. Like a flash it came to him! He removed his gum and placedit firmly under the seat in a crevice, out of sight and tight. With nowitnesses, he calmly removed himself from the unit and went to see my dad notfar away talking to some work mates. Within days the rover was on it’s way toCape Canaveral to complete a historic and successful mission. In those days(early 70’s) there was no tight security and scrutiny of such cargo.

Yearslater my brother told my dad about his shenanigan and pops said it was morethan likely undetected and sent to the cosmos. My brother has gum on the moon! Thereare six people on earth who can say that truthfully – any local doubters canask my two sisters, who live in the valley, if they know them. Perhaps some dayaliens will find the gum extract the DNA and clone my bro!

Changeof pace. Mr. Slusher, some of your blather has become outlandish. The Sotomayorstatement was but a fraction of her speech. It was taken out of context. Findthe whole statement and put it in perspective, if you can. And Condy Rice asSupreme Court Justice? Bring on the water-boarding for Americans and yank outthe fingernails of vocal Bush Bashers. Maybe have Cheney’s scowl surgicallyremoved and put him in the seat. The greatest manipulator of facts in recentAmerican politics. Heck, throw in Rove and Rumsfeld.

Next.Mrs. Lawson, I admire and respect you, but I disagree with your letter lastweek. You can’t ignore the needs of the low income folks in America. That isthe bottom line of the proposal and if people can’t see that they are medicallypampered or cold blooded. I have been in the ranks of the uninsured half mylife, the consequences being many untreated health issues, some serious. Mywife comes first. We are both currently insured through our employers, thankGod. The social security is not broke yet, but by 2020 the baby boomers, meincluded, that are retiring will be taking as much out of the fund that goesin. We have ten years to find a solution. Right now they simply want to helpthe needy, with the option of keeping your current plan. No harm, no foul, justcompassion. It’s about time.

And onemore thing. Patriotism. What it means to the individual. Another good idea tostimulate the letters to the ed. There are many ways to show patriotism, andyour idea Mr. Forhan, is about as patriotic as you can get. Bringing attentionto the sacrificed, wounded and surviving vets that fought and served to keepour liberties intact. Young and old alike need to know and respect the historyof the wars that were waged for a real purpose. A couple are questionable, weall know that. You, Mr. Forhan, are a true patriot, and I salute you.


Dan Dixon



Delighted to learn of their concern


Dear Editor,

    Although I’mall grown up now at 82, this little 5’3″ “young” lady, independent and free,still takes to her road, chocolates in her music case clipped onto her belt.This day, much to her surprise, I noticed something brand new on “my road;” apedestrian sign. As I never see anyone on the road ‘cept me, I wondered if thecommunity members might have been so concerned about my safety as to have hadthe signs posted. If that is the case (or not), I am delighted to learn thatthere are those who are mindful of little me. I thank whoever, whyever andhowever it came about. I promise to keep to the edge of the road.

    We have hadbountiful rain for a few days; much needed for the very thirsty fields.Wonderful to wake up with the song of birds and squabbling of cattle as theysettle their disputes. The sound of children in Chesaw gathered for supervisedactivity and Ann Marie busy participating and organizing to make things happen,always with a smile, successful in making everyone feel the most importantperson in town. She is a joy. The Chesaw Store IS Ann Marie. We still have theregular folks with a sprinkling of “irregulars.” That’s Chesaw, the biggestlittle “town” anywhere, with a personality that won’t quit.

Respectfully Submitted,

Marya Silverthorn



Writer just parroting the opinions of others


Dear Editor, 

    WilliamSlusher reminds me of the man who is on trial for indecent exposure and, actingas his own attorney, tries to have entered into the record for the defense TheArticles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, Magna Charta, the Bhagavad-Gitaand the 3rd through 41st chapters of War and Peace translated into Bengali.

#160;   He blatherson endlessly with his usual personal attacks and regurgitated ‘truthiness’without once answering the charges leveled against him.

    For therecord, he stands accused of merely parroting the opinions of others (it isobvious that he would not know an original thought if one bit him where the sundon’t shine) and lying when he said that all media except FOX ignored the JudgeSotamayor ‘Latina woman’ remark.

    Mr. Slusher,if you wish to reply to the last paragraph well and good, but please, for thesake of all of us with limited life spans, do not confuse logorrhea withintelligent discourse.

John F. Connot