Letters to the Editor, April 21

Health Care forneediest

Fortunately I was able to read last week’s (April14th) one and only letter to the editor. However, my husband used thenewspaper as fire starter before I was able to write down the author’s name. 

I can’t agree more with the opinion that stated, we need tosave the Planned Parenthood program for the most vulnerable who need basichealthcare. All of us should be asking Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers why she isvoting to deny services from this organization when so many need cancerscreening, basic health and sometimes birth control. Of course I know why, itis because of the 3 percent abortion services they provide nationwide and shevotes only along party line and refuses to look outside of the box.  

All of us are facing serious cuts in health care and themost vulnerable of this State’s population will be hit the hardest. Iimplore our State Representative to work for the people of her district andOkanogan county.  

Jean Pfeifer


Quit using ‘scaretactics’

This letter is in reply to Werner Janssen’s letter, of lastweek, concerning Women’s Health Care. I ask this individual where womenreceived their health care before Planned Parenthood came on the scene? Are youimplying that Planned Parenthood is the only place a woman receives healthcare? As you’ve written, “Conservatives seem to receive an emotional high atthe possibility of eliminating health care for women.”  

If that verbage is not a scare tactic, I don’t know whatis. Women are not turned away at clinics and hospitals. The state ofWashington has the Basic Health Care Program for low-income individuals, as doother states in the nation. I know, as I was once in the program. But as Iearned more income, I was removed from the program, just as it should be. 

It’s liberal left wing women and men like you who try to usescare tactics to say conservatives are menacing, greedy and taking away rights.Conservatives haven’t “camouflaged all of these issues under the umbrella ofdebt reduction,” as you say. We want accountability. People need to stand upand take responsibility for their actions, whether it is fiscally or socially.

It’s always interesting to me that liberal left wingindividuals tend to quote scripture in their letters, trying to disguisetheir real intention behind the word of God in an effort to make themselvesappear pious. At least attempt to study the scripture in context before youyank it out and use it for your own agenda.

I would like one question from Werner Janssen answered,which he will probably not answer. Tell me why I should pay, using my taxdollars, to fund a woman’s abortion? A practice that goes totally againstwhat I believe, and against the will of God. Send the verse out of the Biblethat states God is pro abortion.

Wife, mother of four, Tea Party patriot, conservative,veteran and law enforcement officer,

Melissa Mills


Editor’s Note: The Hyde Amendment makes it illegal for federal tax dollars to be usedto pay for abortions. It is the law of the land and has been so since Sept. 30,1976 – so, your tax dollars, at least where Planned Parenthood and the federalDepartment of Health and other federally-funded programs are concerned, do notpay for abortions. Making the statement about your taxpayer dollars going topay for abortions is a red herring at best. Although a small percentage ofPlanned Parenthood’s services include abortions, which must be paid for throughnon-federal funding, the majority of their services, 97 percent, are forwomen’s health care totally unrelated to abortions. In fact, by offering birthcontrol options (and abortion is not birth control) many women have not been ina situation where they feel abortion is one way to deal with an unwantedpregnancy. Washington’s Basic Health Care program has a waiting list and wasnot easy to get on to even when the state was not suffering the financialcrisis it is in now. For some low-income women Planned Parenthood may be theirbest source for women’s healthcare.

Ready for $7 gas?

 Well here we go with the partisan politicallies of the left with Werner Janssen’s article dated 4-13. Werner parrots thedemocrat party talking points accusing republicans and tea party people ofwanting to take away medical care for women, children and disabled peopleand much more with Congressman Paul Ryan’s proposed budget cuts. This is a lie.

 The bottom line is this country is bankruptand you liberals squeal like a stuck pig when the republicans, led by the Teaparty, propose rational large budget cuts to stave off a depression. WernerJanssen and other liberals will continue to beat the political partisan drumwith lies about republicans from now to the 2012 election so as to patheticallytry to regain political power, regardless of how it harms the country.

 You are being lied to for political purposes.Wake up and learn for yourself the truth. I sadly feel that it will take $7 agallon gasoline to wake up enough people to take control of their governmentand kick out the liberals who have caused this problem. There willstill be many of you fools that will continue to believe the lies of theleft and continue to vote for the Democrats who are largely responsible for oureconomic problems and our contrived oil shortage. 

 This country is headed for $7 a gallongasoline and a resultant depression. Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) andhis merry band of socialists have actively prevented us from developingour own vast domestic oil resources and forced us to buy foreign oil fromdictators who hate us. Bush was no better. We have more oil and naturalgas in this country than all of the Mideast combined. For thoseignoramuses in Eugene, Oregon and Seattle this is a geological fact backed upby the US. Geological society. We are not running out of oil, however weare out of the will to use our own oil.

 Saudi Arabia pays millions of dollars to theenvironmental extremists in America to pressure Congress to prevent usfrom producing our own oil. We have vast oil and natural gas reserves thatare untapped. In ANWR, Gull Island, The Bakken, the Williston Basin,&
amp;nbsp;bothoffshore coasts, the Gulf of Mexico and more on shore deposits. I know because itis my business to know. 

 Obama recently gave Petrobras (Brazilian oilco.) two billion dollars of taxpayer money to develop their "Tupi"oil field, which is 14,000 feet under the ocean. This while Obama stops us fromdrilling for our own off shore oil. One hundred percent of this oilis already contracted to be sold to the Chinese. Guess who is a majorstockholder in Petrobras? You got it, George Soros, who donated millions ofdollars to get Obama elected. Oh yea, Obama will get paid back. Soros’ motiveis to break the American capitalist economy and make money doing it and heis succeeding with the help of Obama and his merry band of socialists. Thecorruption keeps on keeping on and the media keeps lying to you about it.

You might ask me how Iknow so much about this oil and natural gas situation? It is my business toknow about it because my business is investing in developing oil and naturalgas in America and Israel. I do know what I am talking about. Oil is thelifeblood of this countries economy whether we like it or not and it will notchange soon.

 We have enough clean natural gas to fuel ourentire car fleet for the next one hundred years at this rate ofusage and make gasoline obsolete. Our government must allow us to developour own vast oil and natural gas resources. You can force them to do it. 

 The two prominent politicians that I see whohave the courage and knowledge to accomplish this are Donald Trump and SarahPalin.

 If the Obama administration continues tohave it’s way we will soon see $7 a gallon gasoline and he will continue toblame "Dubbya Bush." How long can you sustain $7 a gallongasoline? It will drive up the prices of everything we buy and adepression will ensue.

 The Obama administration has institutedaccounting tricks to fool you into believing that the economy is recovering -it is not. They have decided to not factor in the cost of food and fuel to thecost of living. They are lying about the real unemployment in America. It isactually at 21 percent. It depends on what sources you rely on.

 Some things we should do to straighten outour economy are:

1. Stop all the Mideastwars and bring all our troops home immediately.

2. Close down ourEuropean and Korean bases and bring our troops home.

3. Eliminate all foreignaid except to Israel.

4. Wholesaleelimination of federal departments that are not productive.

5. Eliminate theprolific waste, fraud, abuse and duplication of services in federal departmentsincluding the department of defense.

6. Prevent Congress fromraiding social security funds.

7. Pass the 28thamendment to the constitution mandating that the congress pass no law that doesnot apply equally to them as to the people.

 You can do something to stave off theeconomic disaster caused by over spending money we don’t have that isheaded our way. Vote out all the politicians who are not acting in Americas’best self interest, whether Democrat or Republican. 

Bill Cowles