Do all we can to save hospital

Dear Gary,

I can no longer stay silent about our great hospital here in Tonasket. Maybe I am naive about many things that transpire at the hospital, but I can’t believe that I am the only one who supports them fully.

Because of God’s grace and North Valley Hospital and its great employees I am alive today.The great care and bedside manners of the nursing staff is unmatched at any hospital I’ve had the pleasure of staying in. I have to believe that I’m not the only survivor because of the care I received there. I read so many negative articles it just hurts me to the soul.

I feel the pain of those who have had to leave the assisted living. As we were close to placing a family member there. But I look at the big picture, the hospital. Without it, we have nothing. The hospital has to be saved at any cost.

Past practices aside, we must look toward the future. I believe the administration is doing all they can do to make sure this hospital stays and becomes profitable. That is, profitable to Tonasket and surrounding communities.

I’ve read 20+ folks lost their home. Again I’m so sorry, my prayers are with them and their families. But, don’t let thousands lose this valuable and needed commodity. We have to get behind the leadership, support and help guide them. Trust me, when you have your stroke or heart attack or any other emergency medical need, you will praise God for this hospital.

To the management and staff of NVH, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep smiling and press on with your incredible service to the community and those you treat.

God bless you all,

Bobby G Penney Jr.