Youth bass tournaments finish the year at Conconully

<p align=Photo by Linda Baker

Captain Pat Sutton, Callie Krupkat and Kevin Krupkat fishing on Upper Conconully Lake in a youth bass tournament put on by the Bible Faith Family Church.

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Photo by Linda Baker

Captain Pat Sutton, Callie Krupkat and Kevin Krupkat fishing on Upper Conconully Lake in a youth bass tournament put on by the Bible Faith Family Church.

CONCONULLY – The Bible Faith Family Church of Oroville sponsored another successful youth bass tournament on Saturday, Aug. 16, one of several they have organized this summer.

August 16 at 7 a.m. was the “when” and Upper Conconully was the “where.” The “why” was for a host of reasons. Among these is to minister to children of all ages in a way that promotes family and teaches good sportsmanship, kindness, thoughtfulness and teamwork, say organizers. The tournaments also give an opportunity to adults to share their talents and resources with kids they might not otherwise meet — that is a blessing in itself and there were kids and men alike wearing smiles all day long.

These tournaments are put on by the congregation of the Bible Faith Family Church in Oroville. Since we first started on Whitestone at Loomis the tournaments have only grown. This is not only a series of events for 2008. We are going to continue having youth bass tournaments each year. There will be an announcement in the newspaper for the schedule for 2009.

There were 11 boats registered at Conconully. The following are the senior teams and captains and their weights in placing order: 1st place with 5.01 pounds was Katie and Sean DeWitte and boat captain Donaven DeWitte; 2nd place with 4.01 pounds was Matt Studard, Tyler Lord and boat captain Dave Curdie; 3rd place with 3.95 pounds was Jessica Walls, Elisha Willis and boat captain Dale Rawley and 4th place was Desi Studard, Samantha Krupkat and boat captain Mark Studard.

The junior teams and captains were: 1st place with 5.43 pounds was Jonathan Arnold, Shjon Balanro and captain Eric Arnold; 2nd place with 3.66 pounds was Kacey and Shaelynn DeWitte and captain Claude Roberts, 3rd place with 3.43 was Brandon Baugher, Isaac Baker and captain Jim Barker; 4th place with 2.97 was Whitney Baker, Abby Studard and captain Fred Bender and 5th place with 2.69 pounds was Sadie Rojas, Sophie Baker and captain Paul Schwilke.

Thanks go out to Callie and Kevin Krupkat and captain Pat Sutton with their catch of 2.44 pounds and Austin Holcomb, Monty Rojas and captain Eugene Ragsdale with their catch of 2.19 pounds.

Just like any bass tournament season we have special awards that are given. Our Senior Angler of the Year for 2008 is Sean DeWitte and the Senior Big Fish goes to Katie DeWitte with 4.01 pounds. Our Junior Angler of the Year for 2008 is Shaelynn DeWitte and the Junior Big Fish goes to Whitney Baker with 3.01 pounds.

The first tournament had six boats registered with 12 youth at Whitestone, the second had nine boats with 18 youth at Palmer Lake and the third had 11 boats with 22 youth at Conconully. With your participation, either by bringing a boat, being a captain or bringing kids we expect 2009 to be a greater success than 2008.

What about the “how?” The “how” is because of all the people who want to do something great for our youth. Thanks go out to everyone who brought a boat, kids, food, life-jackets and fishing poles. Also to each boat captain who gave up a beautiful Saturday to make it even more beautiful for some young people in our county who are very worth it. Thank you to everyone who donated for the event’s expenses and to the organizers of these events. Pastor Roberts and Jim Barker at the Bible Faith Family Church put in lots of time and hard work to make it a success that everyone can look forward to next year.