The insanity continues

Here’s a few items of news from the last few weeks that defylogic.

Building Canadian Wetlands

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced $23.5million in federal funding for grants to conserve more than 139,000 acres ofwetlands and associated habitats in Canada through the North American WetlandsConservation Act. Let that sink in for just a few minutes. Sure, it’strue that ducks and geese cross the border but why in heaven’s name are wesupporting the Canadian economy at a time when ours is in such dire shape?Don’t you think it would be better to spend that money here at home to putunemployed Americans back to work?

Troop withdrawl

President Obama announced he would begin withdrawing troopsfrom Afghanistan. He’s not declaring the war over mind you. He’s justreducing the number of troops. In other words he is willing to increase thedanger to our remaining troops while he starts working on his re-electioncampaign. We have got to learn that if we are going to fight a war then we needto fight it to win or get out. Osama bin Laden is dead. The war is over. Weneed to get them all out.

Broken Promises

Rancher Frank Shirtssays he is battling the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, andenvironmental groups, such as Western Watersheds Project and the Rocky MountainBighorn Society, that are trying to strip his grazing rights. Shirts says thesegovernment officials have continually broken their word. It really doesn’t matter whether you are a Native American or aWhite Anglo Saxon Protestant male, government officials can always find areason to break their promises. And we want to trust the government to provideus with our health care?

Arming the drug dealers

Hoping to score a knockout blow against the Mexican cartels,U.S. law enforcement created “Operation Fast and Furious” to stop gun smugglingby allowing the weapons into Mexico, thereby exposing the entire cartel networkto prosecution, according to a new congressional report on the U.S. program. At leastthat is the official release from the Justice Department. Great plan, let’sallow the crooks to smuggle the guns they need to kill our law enforcementagents so then we can take them to court! What were these guys smoking whenthey thought up that brilliant plan?

Illegal war

On Friday the House of Representatives voted against Obama’sundeclared war in Libya. The White House said they were disappointed in thevote. Really? King Obama doesn’t need the approval of Congress.He was elected to fundamentally change the country. When will Congress learnthat they might as well go home. Obama’s not accountable to them.

Romney to the rescue

With Obama’s popularity waning and Democrats recognizingthey are in trouble in next year’s election they are throwing their supportbehind – Mitt Romney. Now Romney may be a fine person, but he is notconservative and when your opposition finds him the most “impressive” candidatethen just maybe you should ask why. He appeals to the Independents they say. Ifor one am tired of the Ivy League, “we’re smarter than you,” candidates. Giveme Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, or that other dummy – Rick Perry. You know,people who are unapologetic about being conservative and who actually have arecord of accomplishment. They may not be the polished speakers but what theybelieve comes from the heart.