May Festival is 'nostalgia onparade'

Dear Editor,

The wind was barely blowing but the cloud gray skies told us an extra coat would be the order of the day.

I wish someone would have told all our young teen royalties that it was not going to be a day of open shouldered evening gowns on a float on a street that runs north with a light south breeze. My bet, some are still shivering and drinking warm liquids to dissolve the goose bumps!

It’s hard to imagine from a far place how many can cram this little Hamlet to see the same sights they’ve seen for the last umpteen years. When you think of it. Sure the newer designs of the floats may change some. But the folks and their grandkids are the same as reflected in the looks of their faces and body structures of generations that began in this new place in the mid-1800s. And there is a lot to be said for tradition and remembrance of what has preceded us.

After having a gut busting breakfast at the Legion, prepared by Walt and Vickie Hart and Gary DeVon, Three of our most beloved Celebrities and dedicated crew, the only thing I can reply is…YUMMY! Can we do this again, soon!?

After our hurried judging of parade participants we grabbed our sidewalk spot with friends to enjoy the action. The real joy was in the crowds that lined the route solid from beginning to end. It all had just enough small town flair that made us appreciate so much that this is the place we chose to live to the end of our days.

Thank you so much for those who worked so hard to put it all together. We saw and admired your efforts with great appreciation.

Thank you again for making two ole folks laugh hard and shed a tear or two from the nostalgia on parade this year. Remember this; from those who have BTDT…’tis much more exciting to be the viewer than the viewee!

Cal and Tillie Porter

Eastlake Rd