Two junior at OHS vying for Oroville May Festival Queen

Oroville May Festival Queen Candidates Brandy Lynne Range and Cheyane Sharpe

Oroville May Festival Queen Candidates Brandy Lynne Range and Cheyane Sharpe

OROVILLE – Two young ladies, Brandy Lynne Range and Cheyanne Sharpe, are requesting the Oroville community consider them for the position of this year’s May Festival Queen and Princess.

The two girls, both juniors at Oroville High School, will represent the community, not only during May Festival, the weekend of May 7, 8 and 9, but at other parades and events throughout the region.

Selection Night this year will be held on Monday, Jan. 18 at 7 p.m. at the Oroville High School Commons, according to Traci Neal with the May Festival Committee. All ballots to decide who will be queen will be cast by students and community members that night, so those wishing to vote must be in attendance. The person with the most votes will be queen and the runner-up will be princess.

The royalty candidates have written short biographies to help introduce themselves to the community and to share their thoughts on why they want to represent Oroville at May Festival and other events. Their introductions follow:

Cheyanne Sharpe

Hello, my name is Cheyanne Sharpe. I was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, where I lived until I was about a year and a half. My parents are David and Kathleen Sharpe, and my older brothers are DJ and Matthew Sharpe. 

My father runs a taxidermy shop at home and my mother is one of the supervisors at the Border Patrol Station in town. My oldest brother, DJ, is 27, and my other brother, Matt, is 18. I myself am 16, a Junior at Oroville High School and a part-time employee at Subway.

Because of my mom’s job as a Border Patrol agent, we have moved many times. From Texas we moved to North Dakota, then to Montana, then Canada and finally Oroville. We came to Oroville in 2002, when I was in fourth grade. This is the longest I’ve ever lived in one place and I absolutely love it. I will always consider Oroville my first home because it is the place I am most welcomed at and have grown the most as a person.

I take part in many activities, both in and out of school. In school I am the head editor of the yearbook, a basketball cheerleader, a tennis player, a member of Knowledge Bowl, secretary of Future Business Leaders of America, and the alternate representative of the junior class for Dream Scape. Outside of school I am a Border Patrol Explorer, an animal sitter, a babysitter and, as I mentioned, a Subway employee. Although all of these things keep me very busy, I love being a part of all of them.

I could not really begin to tell you about myself, however, without mentioning my love for art. I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember and I’m very passionate about it. I plan on going to school to improve my skills and then, some day go on to work for Pixar or another large company as a character designer. Before I try to get my career started as a character designer, however, I want to take a year after college and be focused on Human Trafficking and helping out with the issue.

My first May Day was when I was in fourth grade and I took part in the parade as a May Pole Dancer. I was blown away by everything, especially the royalty. They all looked beautiful and happy and I automatically looked up to them. Since then, I wanted to take part in the May Day royalty. I wanted to represent our town with pride and dignity and show just what a wonderful community Oroville is, just like those girls did. I am honored that I have the chance to be part of the royalty this year, and I look forward to representing our community to the best of my abilities.

Brandy Lynne Range

Hello, my name is Brandy Lynne Range and I am running to be the 2010 May Festival Queen. I am a 16 year old junior at Oroville High School. My parents are Craig and Robin Range and I have a little brother, Darian Range. My dad is a Customs and Border protection officer at the Oroville Port of Entry. My mom works as a real estate agent at Oroville Reality and works part time at Appleway Video. On my mom’s side, my grandparents are Diana and Richard Milligan of Oroville. On my dad’s side, my grandparents are Wendy Range of Chewelah and John Range of Oroville. 

I have lived in Oroville my entire life and I enjoy being active in my school and the community. I have participated in the following extracurricular activities:  I am Vice President for Future Business Leaders of America. I enjoy this club the most because it helps prepare me for what I want to do in the future. I have been a class officer for two years and am currently the junior class secretary and ASB secretary. I am also the junior representative for Streetscape and I am cheer captain for football and basketball cheerleading. I enjoy interacting with the community through my jobs at Java Junkie and Appleway Video. School is also very important to me! I have been on the honor roll my whole junior and senior high school careers. For fun I like to snowboard, go to movies with friends and go boating with family on our beautiful Lake Osoyoos. My goals after high school are to go to Eastern Washington University and get a business degree. My dream is to become a business administrator at a hospital in the State of Washington. 

Since I was a little girl I have looked up to the girls that participated in May Day and now that my time is here I want to be the best role model so that one day those children will do May Day! It’s such an honor to participate in May Day. I can’t wait to represent Oroville!